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Videos From Hong Kong's First Rabbit Cafe Will Make You Want to Book a Flight ASAP

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by Nickolaus Hines Oct 6, 2021

If you were someone who used the internet in the 2010s, then there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of a cat cafe. Maybe you didn’t go to one because you’re more of a dog person, or maybe you wanted to sip your coffee with warm furry animals but you’re allergic. In the latter case, Hong Kong has the place for you: Rabbitland Cafe.

Rabbitland Cafe opened in 2016 as Hong Kong’s first place to grab coffee and some food while rabbits bounce around you. There are open pens you can go into, as well as cages with rabbits inside (and don’t be surprised if there are some rabbits running around the cafe to play with). You can pet and feed them, but you can’t pick them up.

The rabbits are rescues from people who adopted and then surrendered them. As noted on the blog Travelling With Nikki, the cages have info cards with their name, birthday, and likes and dislikes.

There are a few rules before heading over to Rabbitland. First, only kids 6 and older can go, and kids under 12 require adult supervision. Anyone who goes must take off their shoes but be wearing socks. Opportunities for hand sanitizing are frequent. As far as cleanliness for the animals goes, take some comfort in the fact that rabbits are on the tidier side — they can even be litter-box trained.

It only takes watching a couple of videos to see the appeal, but if that doesn’t do it for you then maybe the adoring reviews on Facebook will. One person raved about the “fresh chips” and “reasonable price with nice menu.” Another from Australia said going to Rabbitland “was a dream come true” and that “the rabbits are very friendly and love to interact with the visitors, that can can feed them and pat them, all while having a light meal and coffee.”

Then there was the person who confirmed what anyone with a bunny loving child may be thinking: “We will return as my daughter was super sad to leave.”

For reservations and additional information, call 5281-0280.

Where: Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Jaffe Rd, 530 Jaffe Road, 3樓

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