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Restaurants Around the Country Are Showing Support for the George Floyd Protests

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by Eben Diskin Jun 1, 2020

Restaurants around the country are expressing support for the George Floyd protests and speaking up to condemn the actions of the police officers in Minneapolis responsible for Floyd’s death. Messages of support and solidarity are coming from chains as large as McDonald’s, as well as smaller, locally owned restaurants.

In a “Letter to the McDonald’s System,” McDonald’s US President Joe Erlinger said he was “appalled by recent events in Louisville, Georgia, New York and Minneapolis.” He continued that “over the next several weeks, McDonald’s will provide several opportunities to discuss these issues and our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Additionally, I encourage you to write me directly with thoughts and ideas as to how McDonald’s can reinforce its commitment to our communities and share anything else that’s on your mind.”

Smaller chains are showing their support for the movement as well. &pizza is offering employees paid time off for activism while the Jamba smoothie chain is encouraging followers to sign a petition for justice for George Floyd.

Leaders at Saxbys Coffee, a Philadelphia-based company, also spoke out. CEO Nick Bayer posted a photo of a location damaged in the riots, accompanied by the assurance that Saxbys is “ALL IN on equality for all.”

Other independent restaurants are expressing support and promising to dedicate resources toward fighting systemic inequality. Some are even shrugging off damage to store locations, and focusing instead on promoting the message of the protests.

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