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Rosé All Day Wine Will Pay You to Drink Rosé and Travel to France This Summer

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by Eben Diskin May 16, 2019

We all know someone who’s obsessed with rosé — someone who would rather be drinking pink wine than actually working. Well, now that person can live out their fantasy. Rosé All Day wine is looking for a new #RoséAllDay influencer to create premium content for their brand. The winner will receive $10,000 and a trip to the Languedoc region of France for a content-creating vacation, which will include art directing, staging, and drinking tons of free rosé.

Darren Restivo, Principal of Biagio Cru Wines & Spirits, said, “The Rosé All Day brand was created based on the success and phenomenon of the #RoséAllDay lifestyle that has taken over our menus, our glasses, and our social feeds. To embrace the community from which we were born, we want to find someone who relates to this lifestyle to digitally encapsulate the Rosé All Day life.”

The contest launches on June 8 (National Rosé Day) and ends September 2. Entering is simple. First, follow @Rose_All_Day on Instagram, then post a photo with the #RoséAllDay hashtag and make sure to tag @Rose_All_Day. Anyone over 21 is eligible to enter. The five finalists will be announced on the @Rose_All_Day handle and asked to create one more image before judges choose the winner.

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