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The Exact Location of a New Massive Cave in Canada Is Being Kept Secret From Instagrammers

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by Eben Diskin Dec 11, 2018

Hearing that an incredible cave was discovered, but that the location is being kept secret, might be the cruelest news a traveler could ever hear. A massive cave was recently discovered in British Columbia — but that’s all we know. To keep it from being overrun by tourists and Instagrammers, the exact location within Wells Gray Provincial Park — about 280 miles north of Vancouver — is being kept secret. “As far as North America goes, this is a honking big cave,” John Pollack, governor of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, told The New York Times. According to the Times, the cave’s opening is so large it could accommodate the Statue of Liberty.

The cave was discovered this spring by a group of researchers, who noticed a “black hole” in a snowy slope. Upon closer examination, that black hole was actually one of the largest caves in Canada, with an opening 330 feet long, 200 feet across, and 450 feet deep. It’s been temporarily dubbed “Sarlacc’s Pit” on account of its resemblance to the desert pit creature from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

To guard “Sarlacc’s Pit” from being overrun by tourists eager for Instagram likes — and from causing damage to the cave — researchers are withholding its location, likely making it even more tantalizing for adventurers. There has actually been a recent campaign against geo-tagging social media photos on the premise that it’s ruining picturesque spots across the world. Such campaigns, along with keeping “Instagrammable” locations secret, could work in the short-term, but may ultimately be like fighting against a powerful tide.

The cave probably won’t remain hidden for long. When it is discovered, and its location made public, you’ll probably know just by checking your Instagram feed.

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