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Watch: Serial 1's New E-Bike Etiquette Video Is a Hilarious Lesson in Sharing the Road

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by Suzie Dundas Nov 22, 2021

ANYONE WHO OWNS a bicycle — e-bike or otherwise — knows there’s a growing rift between e-bikers and human-powered bikers, especially when it comes to etiquette on trails and roads. But it’s understandable — after all, when you buy a new e-bike, it’s easy to get so excited that you end up buying a full cycling kit, right down to the personalized cycling jersey. And since your e-bike will be much faster than your old road bike, you’ll need to time your rides on a cycling app like Strava. Those personal records matter, and the last thing you want is for a recreational cyclist to get in the way when you’re aiming for a 6 AM speed record.

Except, no.

Enter the newest tongue-in-cheek video from Serial 1 Electric Bikes. Thankfully for the family of an obsessed e-biker, the Serial 1 “E-bike Guru” is on hand to help said cyclist enjoy the ride, offering helpful suggestions about how to relax and co-exist with fellow cyclists (and to stop trying to run the local mail delivery tween off the road).

Serial1 is owned by Harley Davidson and entered the e-bike market in November 2020. That makes them a relative newcomer to the electric bike market, currently a $16.9 billion industry (and expected to reach upward of $50 billion in the next 15 years). E-bikes were the fastest-growing cycling segment with the overall bike industry over the last 18 months.

With an estimated 500,000 e-bikes expected to be sold in 2021, it’s no wonder brands like Serial 1 are encouraging new buyers to practice good cycling etiquette (and to not scream at neighborhood children).

Remember, as the e-bike guru says, “You don’t need a watch to enjoy the ride.”

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