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World’s 50 Best Restaurants Ranking Puts Spotlight on One of Hong Kong’s Top Spots

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Nickolaus Hines
Oct 6, 2021

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking came back in 2021 after taking a one-year pause during the pandemic. As always (and as to be expected with any sort of highly publicized ranking), there was controversy over some of the winners. But look past the top winning spot further down to number 10 and you’ll spot a restaurant deserving of some special recognition.

The Chairman in Hong Kong went from number 41 in the World’s 50 Best 2019 ranking to number 10 in 2021. For this, it earned the Highest Climber Award.

The Cantonese restaurant is located in what the World’s 50 Best team describes as “a non-descript two-floor townhouse in Central” where “some of the city’s best cooking has been coming out of” for the last decade. The menu is seasonal and produce-focused. Diners can either order á la carte or have the restaurant staff make a custom menu that they’ll decide based on the ingredients available and what a diner has had at the restaurant in the past. The Chairman is BYO friendly for those who have a special occasion bottle they want to enjoy with some of the best cuisine Hong Kong has to offer.

World’s 50 Best highlights in popular dish in particular from The Chairman: The much-photographed flower crab served in Shaoxing wine with flat rice noodles. It’s an “umami-rich version” that other places have attempted, the description page notes, but The Chairman’s flower crab “remains unbeatable.”

Three other Hong Kong restaurants made it onto the 51-100 list: VEA (71), Belon (88), and Amber (100). All three have French-influenced menus.

While there has never been a restaurant from Asia in the top spot (or South America for that matter), The Chairman does top the list of the continent-specific Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants run by the same World’s 50 Best organization. In all, 11 Hong Kong restaurants made it on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list:

  • Seventh Son (48)
  • Lung King Heen (47)
  • Mono (44)
  • Ta Vie (38)
  • Amber (37)
  • 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana (33)
  • Caprice (28)
  • Belon (25)
  • Neighborhood (17)
  • VEA (16)
  • The Chairman (1)

Awards or not, there’s no denying Hong Kong is a great place for anyone who travels to eat.

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