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Uber Reveals the Craziest Things People Leave Behind in Their Cars

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by Eben Diskin Apr 27, 2023

Have you ever left your phone behind in an Uber, and felt embarrassed? It’s only natural. Maybe it was 3am and you were inebriated. Maybe it was 2pm and you’re just forgetful. Either way, the feeling of stupidity passes pretty quick, you shrug your shoulders, and resign yourself to the idea that your phone has vanished forever into the void. Only thing is – left-behind items don’t just vanish. They’re found, cataloged, and eventually make their way into Uber’s annual Lost & Found Index, which highlights both the most common and the strangest items people leave behind in their Ubers. This year’s Index was just released, and it’s a doozy.

The most common left-behind items are no huge shock. Stuff like clothing, phones, backpacks, and wallets topped the list this year, and chances are you’ve lost one or two (or all) of these things in an Uber yourself. But what about the more…let’s just say, unique, items? A Danny Devito Christmas ornament was among the stranger objects left behind. An ankle monitor, 16 oz of fake blood, a remote-controlled vibrator, a lightsaber, and a weight loss surgery guide, were among the more bizarre items that surfaced. Here’s the full list:

1. Danny Devito Christmas ornament

2. MY DOG IS IN THE CAR!!! A toy poodle.

3. Blue cap that says ‘i love the smell of jet fuel in the morning’

4. Fog machine

5. fire swords

6. Some bowling rags

7. Ankle monitor

8. My unicycle

9. 16 oz of fake blood

10. A printer and remote-controlled vibrator

11. A pin with Jesus holding slice of pizza

12. Small camping stove and my funeral pamphlets

13. Stainless steel gua sha tool

14. Cat collar that says ‘Maui’ on it

15. My calculator and my tacos

16. Small stone carved whales

17. Sentimental green pen

18. Statue of Liberty green foam crown

19. A lightsaber

20. Tamagotchi, light blue, egg shaped. And nuts.

21. My hamsters are in her car

22. Hermes scarves

23. 1/2 a gallon of Fireball

24. Mannequin wig head

25. 6 cheesecakes

26. My happy sauce

27. Britney spears fantasy perfume

28. ‘Taming of the Shrew’ by Shakespeare

29. 2 fingernails

30. A fire sword.

31. Two painted rat traps

32. Tattoo ink and gold antlers

33. A power of attorney document issued by Turkish consulate

34. 2 Pet Turtles

35. Packets and bundles of fake hair

36. I lost my girlfriend

37. Bidet

38. lotion and chicken wings

39. I left a slab of bluefin tuna for sushi on the floorboard of the back seat.

40. One Gucci loafer

41. Rash cream

42. An important pregnancy test

43. Self-respect, mostly.

44. A feather

45. Foley catheter insertion tray kit

46. Slushy machine

47. Paintings of my wife

48. Weight loss surgery guide

49. Horns and a viking helmet

50. My friends fake tooth

So, apart from people being generally forgetful, what can we learn from all this? According to the Index, some trends that appeared this year included Disney and Harry Potter-related items, Nintendo Switches, weed paraphernalia, and pets (yep – people are actually leaving their pets behind). And for whatever reason, April 5th is the most common day to leave things behind.

Despite what you may think, forgotten items don’t actually vanish into the great Uber abyss. That’s right, there’s still hope for your sentimental Danny Devito Christmas ornament. According to Uber, there’s a procedure for retrieving your lost items. Just go into your Uber app, go to “Your Trips,” find the trip during which you lost an item, tap “find lost item” and “contact driver about lost item.” Then, you’ll be prompted to call the driver and arrange a pick up. This obviously isn’t the way most drivers prefer to spend their time, however, so a good way to avoid the issue altogether is by simply…well, not forgetting your stuff.

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