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This Infographic Reveals What Your UK Accent Says About You

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by Tim Wenger Jul 27, 2018

Your accent is obviously a good representation of which part of a country you’re from, but it can reveal much more than that. UK-based transcription agency McGowan Transcriptions put together an infographic on the stereotypes surrounding UK accents, and there are a number of notable findings.

Based on information derived from a number of sources including The Guardian and The Independent, this infographic introduces us to the term ‘accentism,’ i.e. prejudice surrounding an accent. Accentism is widespread across the UK and particularly prevalent in the workplace — 80 percent of employers admit to making discriminating decisions based on regional accents. Consequently, those from working-class backgrounds, who are more likely to have a regional accent and thus more likely to be victims of accentism, earn an average of £6,800 ($8,919 USD) less per year than those with no noticeable regional accent. As a result, many aspiring employees try to shutter their accent during a job interview, with one in three feeling ashamed at having done so.

But accentism is common outside the workplace as well. Those with a Devon accent are perceived to be far more trustworthy than those with an accent from Scouse. The Devon accent also ranked as the friendliest, while those from Manchester and Birmingham are perceived to be the least friendly.

There were some positive findings in the infographic, however. There is in fact no proven correlation between intelligence and accent.

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