As the world becomes more forward-thinking, topics that used to be considered taboo are now getting time in the spotlight. There’s the Museum of Sex in New York City and a penis museum in Iceland. Now, the UK’s joining in on the fun, and will open the world’s first museum dedicated to vaginas this fall.

The Vagina Museum will surround all things vaginas, vulvas, and gynaecological anatomy, and will also be gender inclusive and intersectional. The project launched in March 2017 and has put on pop-up exhibits around the UK since then. The team behind it is now working on the interim museum that will open this November at Camden Market in London, England.

Florence Schechter, the museum’s founder, is a science YouTuber and hopes to rid the stigma that surrounds that part of the body, as it can lead to harmful consequences. “What I’m hoping that people will get out of it, I think, No. 1 is that vaginas are normal and nothing to be ashamed of,” she said in an interview with PRI’s The World. “I think a museum would be a really great way of us as a community coming together and saying, ‘Actually, this is a part of the body that we should be celebrating, something we should be having conversations about.”

While the Camden museum is underway, Schechter and her team will be working on finding a permanent location in the UK. The plan is to open said location in 2032, with galleries and exhibitions dedicated to the science, history, culture, and social aspect of gynaecological anatomy. It’ll also host all kinds of events, such as feminist comedy nights, dance, theatre, film screenings, workshops, exercise classes, and the like. And if you get hungry, there are plans for a cafe, featuring vulva cupcakes, vagacchinos (cappuccinos with foam art made to look like vulvas), and more.

Currently, the Camden Vagina Museum is set to open this year but fundraising for operational costs is still going on. If you’d like to donate, you can do so on its Crowdfunder page.

When it does open, though, entry will be free.