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Warsaw Is a Must-Visit for Vegetarians. Here’s Where to Eat Meat-Free in Poland's Capital City.

Warsaw Restaurants + Bars
by Alex Bresler Aug 8, 2023

Traditional Polish food is a meaty cuisine. Dishes like bigos (hunter’s stew) and gołąbki (cabbage rolls) are built around proteins such as pork and beef while other Polish staples are customarily made both with and without meat. Pierogies, for example, can be stuffed with ground beef or combinations of fresh cheese, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and sauerkraut.

In recent years, veganism and vegetarianism have surged in Poland, especially among younger nationals in big cities like Warsaw. In fact, the vegan guide Happy Cow ranked Warsaw the ninth best vegan city in the world in 2022. Today, both local and international restaurants in Warsaw cater to plant-based eaters. You’ll find tons of vegan and vegetarian establishments, but even in restaurants that serve meat, you’ll often find a variety of apps and mains centered on fresh, seasonal produce. Warsaw is one city where meat-free eaters need not worry about cobbling together a full meal out of sides like cabbage salad and pickles.

Here are 15 vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Warsaw that everyone will love.

Peaches Gastro Girls

Peaches Gastro Girls is a fun and funky vegan restaurant on Mokotowska street, one of the trendiest streets in Warsaw. Varied, veggie-forward plates are sized perfectly to either share or enjoy solo, with a sizable wine and creative cocktail list rounding out the menu. Choose between the main dining room or more casual seating in the bar area next door.

Price: $$
Where: Mokotowska 58, 00-536 Warszawa, Poland


Down the street from Peaches Gastro Girls, Przegryź flips the script on most restaurants that serve both meat and meat-free options by loading its menu up with the latter. Veggie-forward mains showcasing ingredients such as roasted eggplant, velvety cashew paste, broad beans, and chanterelle mushrooms outnumber dishes centered on proteins like fresh chicken or pork cutlets. The bistro-style establishment is also an excellent choice for breakfast or brunch.

Price: $$
Where: Mokotowska 52, 00-543 Warszawa, Poland

Cafe Bar Havana

Looking out over Słowackiego street from an airy perch in a tall building, Cafe Bar Havana captures the feeling of dining in Cuba in the mid-20th century. The restaurant is not strictly vegetarian but leans heavily that way, with soups, salads, seasonal plates, and an artisan pizza menu that includes toppings such as pepperoni and vegan salami in addition to creative combinations. The balanced, refreshing cocktails are worth a try, as well.

Price: $$
Where: Słowackiego 16/18, 01-627 Warszawa, Poland

Ósma Kolonia

Ósma Kolonia is a vegetarian restaurant in Warsaw that’s open for lunch and dinner. Come early for lunch and order the set menu, which comes with a soup and main, before it sells out, or order a la carte. Dishes vary in theme from pizza and tacos to grain bowls and Asian-leaning plates. The cafe adjoining the dining room serves delicious coffee and pastries for dessert.

Price: $$
Where: Słowackiego 15/19, 01-592 Warszawa, Poland


Krowarzywa is one of the most popular vegan burger chains in Warsaw. In addition to being meat-free, the food is also preservative-free, GMO-free, and made fresh — there’s no canned goods or microwavable menu items here. Burger patties are made from groats and superfoods and supplemented with seasonal ingredients. Krowarzywa also donates a share of its proceeds to environmental and humanitarian organizations in its effort to make the world a better place.

Price: $
Where: Various

La Vegana

For lovers of noodles and noodle soups, La Vegana serves vegan pan-Asian fare, including ramen, pad thai, udon, and laksa. Build out your order with starters and sides such as fresh and spring rolls, seaweed salad, and tofu wraps. Pair your meal with a refreshing iced beverages, and save room for desserts such as mochi ice cream when you’re done.

Price: $$
Where: Zgoda 4, 00-018 Warszawa, Poland


Zapiecek is a go-to restaurant in Warsaw’s Old Town for traditional Polish cuisine. The menu is massive, with options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Make a mix-and-match pierogi platter to try interesting fillings such as lentil and get a bowl of barszcz or chłodnik (beet soups) on the side. Wash it down with a piwo, the Polish for beer.

Price: $$
Where: Piwna 34/36, 00-265 Warszawa, Poland

Vege Miasto

Perfect for a quick lunch, Vege Miasto is a vegan cafe with a globally inspired menu that includes options for every hunger level, from soups, salads, and snacks to pasta, mains, and a wide variety of pierogies. Grab a coffee and a sweet treat from the display case or snag a table for a sit-down meal. Both hot and cold beverages, including cocktails, are available.

Price: $$
Where: Aleja Solidarności 60A, 00-240 Warszawa, Poland

Uki Green

On a cold Warsaw day, nothing hits the spot like a steamy bowl of ramen. Uki Green is a vegan ramen shop is a low-key restaurant with a few specialty soups, as well as build-your-own bowls with your choice of seasonal veggie toppings. Gyoza with fillings such as kimchi and vegan cheese or spicy soy meat and fried cashews round out the menu.

Price: $$
Where: Koszykowa 49A, 00-659 Warszawa, Poland


Bibenda isn’t a vegetarian restaurant, but it’s a restaurant any vegetarian would be lucky to try. The majority of the menu is produce-focused, with small-ish plates such as watermelon salad, young zucchini and radish tempura, and braised fennel with chickpeas, and piled-high focaccia with ricotta, greens, and mushroom conserva. Dinner at Bibenda is to-die-for — complete with creative cocktails — but the restaurant also offers a brunch service.

Price: $$$
Where: Nowogrodzka 10, 00-511 Warszawa, Poland


Falla is a good choice for fast-casual vegetarian fare such as veggie burgers, meatless barbecue, wraps, and bowls. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern offerings like the Greek Feast platter and falafel bowls are the specialty. Order from the seasonal menu or try the wrap of the month.

Price: $$
Where: Oboźna 9, 00-332 Warszawa, Poland


Located in Warsaw’s Centrum district, Youmiko serves a wide variety of vegan sushi, as well as bento boxes and bowls. Sides include kimchi, edamame, seaweed salad, and miso soup, which you can also order as a combo. For dessert, try the sernik (Polish cheesecake) to end on a continental note or tapioca and mango pudding for something more on theme.

Price: $$
Where: Hoża 62, 00-680 Warszawa, Poland


For vegan Tex-Mex food in Warsaw, head to Momencik. Burritos and tacos are the main draw, but you can also find dishes such as nachos, quesadillas, and flautas. The restaurant itself is casual, so grab and go for a picnic in nearby Pasaż Wisławy Szymborskiej park in Centrum.

Price: $
Where: Pasaż Wisławy Szymborskiej

Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee is a go-to vegetarian restaurant in Warsaw for a quick breakfast and brunch. Formerly vegan, the cafe now serves eggs, alongside healthy and colorful plates and bowls. The interior is simple, but fans of blues and rock n’ roll will appreciate the photos and paintings of musical greats that decorate the walls.

Price: $$
Where: Grochowska 282, 03-841 Warszawa, Poland

Restauracja Belvedere

Restauracja Belvedere is a fine-dining establishment in Royal Łazienki Park. Housed in a 150-year-old glass pavilion filled with lush plants, Belvedere has a relatively small menu, but there’s a vegetarian section to guarantee that plant-based eaters have something to enjoy. On Sundays, swing by for a fancy brunch with an overflowing buffet.

Price: $$$$
Where: Nowa Oranżeria, Agrykola 1, 00-460 Warszawa, Poland

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