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Warsaw was almost completely destroyed during World War II, and has been entirely rebuilt since.

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Parts of the Polish capital are admittedly drab, and some uber-modern, but some areas, such as the Old Town, have been restored as faithfully as possible.

You can visit the restored Royal Castle in Castle Square, which is also home to Sigismund's Column - one of the oldest secular monuments in northern Europe. Beyond is the Old Town, the centre of which is the Old Market Place.

The Royal Route links the Royal Castle to the Wilanow Palace, and along the way there are numerous other palaces, the university, and the Royal Baths Park - the largest in the city.

You can also visit the Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery, one of the largest in Europe, pay homage to Polish-born composer Frederic Chopin, whose heart is sealed in the Holy Cross Church, and visit the prestigious National Museum, or the Museum of Posters (the first in the world).

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