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Vermont Will Pay You $10,000 to Move There and Work Remotely

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by Tim Wenger Dec 31, 2018

Vermont is the place of dreams for East Coast city slickers looking to get away from it all. On January 1, the state is giving remote workers the chance to live that dream by applying for a $10,000 grant to move to the Green Mountain State and make it their new hub.

“We’re the second-to-smallest state in the nation, and we’re also getting older, so we really need to make sure there’s more of a workforce here,” said Joan Goldstein, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development and the head of the program, in a report from Fast Company.

$10,000 is a sizeable chunk of change, but there’s one major catch. Those who are self-employed or run their own business aren’t eligible for this one. The same goes for non-US residents. All recipients of the grant must be full-time employees on payroll who receive a W-2 from their employer.

If you fit the criteria, act quickly once applications open on January 1, because the total budget for the grant is only $125,000. Additionally, don’t plan on using the $10,000 to cover your moving expenses, as the grant is only available to applicants after they move, as a reimbursement paid over two years.

If Vermont doesn’t float your boat, Tulsa, Oklahoma might just do the trick. As part of a new initiative, the city of Tulsa is offering $10,000 in grants and other benefits to those who move there and work remotely for a year. Tulsa Remote, funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, encourages those with full-time remote employment, or who are self-employed, to relocate to Tulsa to develop their business.

Each $10,000 grant will be administered over the course of the year, with $2,500 for relocation expenses, followed by $500 monthly stipends, and a final $1,500 at the end of the 12-month period. To be eligible for this program, participants must provide proof of employment, be 18 years old or more, and work for a business that is based outside of Tulsa County or be self-employed outside of Tulsa County. Applicants will undergo an online interview with a potential in-person interview, as well. The first group of remote workers will arrive this coming spring, and applications can be filled out here.

H/T: Fast Company

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