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This Study Proves That You Can Totally Travel While You Work

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by Tim Wenger Aug 24, 2018

Working while traveling is nothing new, but, according to a study published this week, it keeps getting easier every year. The teams behind freelance gig website Fiverr and Remote Year, a brand that helps employees take a gap year and travel the world while keeping their job, conducted some in-depth research on the modern workplace. The results showed a definitive trend: today’s workers increasingly refuse to be stuck behind a desk.

The study proves beyond doubt that there are major shifts afoot in how, and more importantly where, people get their work done these days. The number of remote workers is rising rapidly, with 25 percent of the US workforce now working remotely at least part time and 11 percent of these prioritize their ability to travel as being a driving force behind their decision to work remotely.

But, being a digital nomad does come with its struggles. About a third described their biggest challenge as being an inability to ‘shut down’ from work when the laptop closes, and hiding in a home office tends to strip much of the ‘team’ mentality — 30 percent cited a feeling of loneliness.

To contrast the solitude, however, is the increasing ability to stay connected even without physically being in the same place. The rise of team communication tools like Slack and conference software such as Zoom keep teams close-knit no matter where the staff members are located. All in all, remote workers are extremely happy with the freedom and flexibility in their schedule and the option to choose where they post up for the day.

If you want to get away from behind your desk, here are two actionable steps you can take before the weekend. First, slyly forward this study over to your boss. Second, dive into Remote Year’s application page. As the study suggests, the future of work is remote, and it never hurts to be ahead of the curve.

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