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How to Visit Scala Dei Turchi

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by Jessica Devnani Jun 26, 2017

SCALA DEI TURCHI is a stunningly white rock formation on the southern coast of Sicily. Its name is Italian for ‘Stairs of the Turks,’ because historically, Turkish pirates would climb up the stair-like rocks and raid the nearby towns. Today, the area is well-known for its amazing scenery and beautiful beaches.

How to get there

Go to Sicily by either taking a ferry from the mainland or by flying into Palermo airport on the island. Cheap flights can be booked from many popular European destinations. Once in Sicily, it is best to rent a car and drive to Scala dei Turchi yourself; it is about a 2-hour drive from Palermo. The cliff stretches from the towns of Realmonte to Porto Empedocle.

What you should consider

  • In the summertime, Scala dei Turchi becomes very crowded. Avoid the crowds by going during the fall. The weather will still be warm and you will have much more space to enjoy the spot.
  • If you do visit during the summer, arrive as early as possible, as the parking lot fills up very quickly.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses! The brilliant white rock reflects the sun intensely.
  • The rocks are very slippery when wet, so be careful when climbing. Flip flop sandals probably won’t give you as much traction as a pair of shoes.
  • Entrance to Scala dei Turchi is free.

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