The 16 Adventure Sports Photographers Crushing It on Instagram

by Katie Scott Aiton May 9, 2016

FOR ACTION SPORTS photographers capturing the shot is an adventure in itself. These photographers are crushing it on Instagram, sharing images that make your heart race and adrenaline spike. If you are an adventure sports enthusiast, here are the gnarliest Instagram accounts you should be following.

1. Eusebio & Christina Saenz de Santamaria

2. Morgan Maassen

@floresjeremy, setting up in Reunion Island.

A photo posted by Morgan Maassen (@morganmaassen) on

3. Jimmy Chin

4. Rachel Moore

Wild and free. :@williekessel

A photo posted by Rachel Moore (@moore_rachel) on

5. Ryan Taylor

6. Keith Ladzinski

Flashback to last year when @chris_sharma climbed a #redwood in Northern California. Chris worked closely with biologist and arborist’s to ensure that the tree wasn’t harmed in anyway. It was an incredibly fun and unique photo shoot to work on and short film to direct. Chris is a legend, good friend and always a blast to hang with and work with. To get this photo @dangpix was positioned high in the canopy holding 2 high powered strobes to illuminate Chris, the tree and freeze the action. The exposure was about an 1/8th of a second, as I hit the shutter I zoomed the lens out creating the motion lines in the ambient light. Thank you @redbull and @nightline for another great shoot! @seatoskycablecam @joshpovec @nelsoncarayannis @mindframecinema @3stringsproductions

A photo posted by Keith Ladzinski (@ladzinski) on

7. Markus Berger

long exposure ice climbing shot in norway earlier this year. shot with @broncolor move on rear curtain.

A photo posted by Markus Berger (@bergermarkus) on

8. Miles Holden

Getting dusty above the Shotover River in backcountry NZ @kellymcgazza

A photo posted by Miles Holden (@miles_holden) on

9. Tim Kemple

A sunrise summit 4.53 billion years in the making. #NatGeoEarthDay #camp4pix

A photo posted by Tim Kemple (@timkemple) on

10. Kevin Winzeler

Name that there spot @altaskiarea? Go. #skiutah #skiing #ski #igutah #altaskiarea

A photo posted by Kevin Winzeler Photo + Film (@kevinwinzeler) on

11. Kirill Umrikhin

12. Dave Lehl

13. Lucas Gilman

14. Adam Kokot

15. James Rushforth

16. Tristan Shu

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