SINCE ITS MODERN BIRTH in New Zealand in the late 1980s, bungee jumping as extreme sport has seen rapid progression and pushing of boundaries. The current tallest commercial jump is at the Macau Tower 321 meters (1053 feet).

Pretty much anywhere you travel these days, there’s likely to be a bungee jump offered as an ‘activity’ through a local tour operator. Here are some of the most intense to keep an eye out for.

This article was originally published on October 15, 2012.


Interlaken, Switzerland

At the Stockhorn Bungy site, you jump out of a gondola 134m (440ft) over the mountain lake of Stocksee. In case you were wondering: "The reason he is in his boxers is because he swam in the lake before this photo was taken."Photo: Alan Light


Souleuvre Viaduct, Normandy, France

Located in La Ferrière-Harang, France, the Souleuvre Viaduct was a 1,200ft-long 19th-century railway bridge. All that remains today are the 60m (200ft) stone support towers, which have been commandeered as bungee platform.Photo: Florian Giffard


Kölnbrein Dam, Carinthia, Austria

This dam in southern Austria is 200m (656ft) tall, but you're dropped from the top of a crane that dangles you a good few meters higher.Photo:


Rjukan, Norway

Norway's "toughest bungee jump" launches from the 84m (275ft) suspension bridge at Vemork. "Skilled jumpers describe the experience as very special and very tough because it is like jumping into a funnel."Photo: ESPEN SJØLINGSTAD HOEN


Europabrücke, Tyrol, Austria

Just south of Innsbruck, "Europe's Bridge" spans the Wipp Valley with a length of 777m (2,550ft). The jump platform, set on the underside of the bridge, is 192m (630ft) off the ground -- one of the world's top 5 in height.Photo:


K2 Tower, Liege, Belgium

Near the town of Liege and easily accessible from Brussels, the K2 Tower is 56m (185ft) and is the only bungee jump in the country.Photo: Insane Focus


Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

The dam of Lake Vogorno in Ticino, Switzerland is mainly known for two reasons: 1. being jumped off of by a stuntman in the opening sequence of the James Bond film Goldeneye, and 2. inspired by the movie, becoming the world's third-highest bungee jump at 220m (720ft).Photo:


Val d'Anniviers, Switzerland

Niouc Bridge in Switzerland features a 623 foot jump situated in the beautiful Pennine Alps. Photo: Bungy Niouc


Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, AZ

The company Bungee Expeditions operates a non-permanent jump site on the Navajo Bridge, which launches from a height of 142m (467ft) above the Colorado River, near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.Photo: MakeLifeMemorable


Santa Eulalia, Peru

Organized trips depart Lima for this jump point at the gorge of Santa Eulalia, which is more of a swing than a true bungee jump -- they call it puenting.Photo: Victor L Antunez


Perrine Bridge, ID

At 148m (486ft), this bridge over the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho, makes the list of top 10 highest jumps, and is frequently used by BASE jumpers as well. This shot does an awesome job demonstrating the scale of the site.Photo: p.m.graham


Bhote Koshi River, Nepal

Nepal's Last Resort jump takes place 160m (520ft) over a river gorge -- one of the highest in the world. Rafting + bungee packages are available from local operators.Photo:


The Hague, Netherlands

This is Bungy Jump Centre Scheveningen, with a 60m (200ft) drop over an ocean pier in Den Haag. Walk-ins welcome weekends April-October, plus Wed-Fri in July and August.Photo: oijulia


G-Max Reverse Bungee, Singapore

Yes: reverse bungee is a thing. The G-Max in Singapore has a three-person capsule which is shot like a slingshot into the sky. Photo: Choo Yut Shing


Kuta Beach, Bali

AJ Hackett operates a 45m (150ft) tower at the popular tourist beach on Bali's south shore. No pressure.Photo: Shreyans Bhansali


Fortuna, Costa Rica

With the area around the Arenal volcano being branded an 'adventure travel destination,' there are multiple bungee, swing, and other freefall options in the region.Photo: eslblogcafe


Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe/Zambia

Spanning the international border of the Zambezi River, the bridge has a 111m (365ft) bungee jump. This is where an Australian tourist had her rope snap on New Year's Eve, 2011 -- she free fell into the river and somehow came out alive.Photo: Spy007au


Vidraru Dam, Romania

This massive dam on the Arges River in central Romania has a 166m (545ft) jump, one of the highest in Europe.Photo: tudortescoveanu


Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

The world's highest commercial bridge bungee launches from a height of 216m (709ft) above the Bloukrans River. In 2010, it was the site of a new world record for oldest bungee jumper when Mohr Keet, 96, gave it a go.Photo: Kirsten Cater


Helsinki, Finland

Every summer, alongside other beach activities, Finns can bungee jump from a crane at a height of 150 meters. Photo: Karva Javi


Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown's urban jump gives you a sweet view over the city and can be done at night. You jump from 400m (1,310ft) above town, though the drop distance is much less.Photo: m.bjerke


Macau Tower

Macau Tower has the world's current highest commercial jump -- 233m (764ft). From Wiki: "The Macau Tower Bungy has a "Guide cable" system that limits swing (the jump is very close to the structure of the tower itself) but does not have any effect on the speed of descent, so this still qualifies the jump for the World Record."Photo: Matador Community member Sakshi Sadhana


Verdon Gorges, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France

A 182m (600ft) jump in southeastern France, off of the Pont de l'Artuby.Photo: shivapat


Naranjo, Costa Rica

Tropical Bungee has been throwing people off the 80m (265ft) Old Colorado River Bridge since 1991. They run day trips from San Jose, with departures at 8am and 1pm. Photo: Allen Sin


Victoria Falls rope swing

This swing takes off from the same platform as the Vic Falls bungee jump (shown above). Matador co-founder Ross Borden says, "I did them both and the rope swing is way scarier and way more fun."Photo: Marcello Arrambide


Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand

The birthplace of commercial bungee jumping, first established in the late '80s. At 43m (140ft), the jump's height would be considered short these days, but it probably didn't feel like it to the first person who paid AJ Hackett to tie them to a rope and push them towards the river.Photo: Mombas


Rheinkultur Festival, Bonn, Germany

At Rheinkultur in Bonn, they had a crane apparatus that raised you up some 90m (295ft) and waited patiently till you got up the nerve. Bummer that after 30 years, the festival was permanently cancelled in 2012.Photo: Thomas Weidenhaupt


Donauturm, Vienna, Austria

On set days in Vienna, you can jump 152m (500ft) off this tower in the middle of the city. Find more info here.Photo: chepedaja


White Canyon, Lake Powell, UT

There's no permanent setup on this bridge in southern Utah, but you can book with Bungee Expeditions to take you out, which is what these guys did when they needed to shoot for a commercial. Photo: Screenshot from Bungee Jump Lake Powell


Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

Where it all came from, and definitely the burliest jump on this list. It was footage of the "land dives" performed by the island's inhabits, brought back by David Attenborough and crew in the '50s, that led to the practice of modern bungee jumping. Pretty incredible tradition worth a closer look.