The Hotel You Can Ski On

Ski and Snow
by Candice Walsh Feb 1, 2010

Pictures by Michael Jantzen

Designer Michael Jantzen‘s new take on snow sports is an eco-lodge that doubles as a year-round ski slope.

STILL A DESIGN proposal, the North Slope Ski Hotel has 95 rooms and is powered primarily by wind and solar energy. The whole thing would be constructed with sustainable building products, including gym equipment designed to help contribute power to the hotel.

The best part? The hotel has a 400-foot-high ski slope built right into it. Not only is the design swanky, it’s functional.

An aerial view of the hotel.

Using an elevator, skiers climb to the top of the hotel and then ski or snowboard down into the landscape. The slope has a special surface that eliminates the need for snow, so guests can ride year-round.

After a long day of skiing, you can head to the hotel’s rooftop bar to check out the view.

The slope is also designed to catch rainwater and snow and store it in large containers at the building’s base. The water is then recycled and used throughout the hotel.

The eco-hotel is only one of the many environmentally friendly designs created by Jantzen, who hopes to “demonstrate how even the most luxurious places on earth can, and should be, built in an earth friendly way.”

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