1. Jose Cuervo Express

Jose Cuervo Express

Guadalajara, Mexico

A great experience to check out when visiting Guadalajara. It’s a fun way to learn about the different types of Tequila, how to properly enjoy tequila, and to enjoy the countryside. If you’re just down for day-drinking + party, take the cheaper option. If you would like to appreciate higher quality tequilas, the premium experience is worth a little extra! (The train only runs on Saturdays and should be booked in advance online as it often sells out)

2. Hotel Solar de las Ánimas

Hotel Solar de las Ánimas

Tequila, Mexico

The best hotel option when wanting to enjoy the Tequila experience and stay a night or two (highly recommended). They have 2 nice swimming pools, 2 bars, and a nice restaurant. They’ll be able to help you organize the best experiences in Tequila!

3. La Rojeña

La Rojeña

Tequila, Mexico

La Rojeña is the active distillery for Jose Cuervo, the largest tequila production in the world still owned by a Mexican family. Most tours are arranged from Guadalajara, although it is possible to arrive on your own and join a tour through the distillery by yourself. I highly recommend planning ahead and booking an experience that includes not only the distillery, but also a visit to the blue agave fields, a professional tequila tasting, and possibly the option to mix your own tequila to take home! #history

4. La Capilla

La Capilla

Tequila, Mexico

A classic Mexican cantina, which in the traditional sense of the word is a place where women and children are not allowed and men go to drink to classic Mexican music. It’s a hole-in-the-wall that has become quite famous. Today, everyone is welcome and unless you request otherwise, they’ll assume you’ve come to try their famous drink, Batanga. I originally visited this place thanks to an article on Matador Network! Enjoy!

5. Centro


Tequila, Mexico

When planning a tour or booking a hotel, ask to arrange a professional Tequila tasting experience that also lets you mix a bottle of your own Tequila to take home. This was one of the most special travel experiences I’ve had and most certainly the coolest souvenir!