11. Blooming Point, Prince Edward Island, Canada

They say the Canadian Maritimes have the warmest water on the East Coast north of Virginia. Here’s a good place to test that theory.

To get to Blooming Point, head east out of Charlottetown on Highway 2. After 18km or so, hang a left on Blooming Point Rd and look for signs for the beach.

12. Skiathos Island, Greece
nude beaches

Photo: Cara-Foto /Shutterstock

On the island’s southwest shore, there are three curving, golden-sand beaches that make up the aptly named Banana Beach. The two smaller of the three are pretty much 100% nudist.

Skiathos is farther up the Aegean coast than more famous islands like Santorini and is not a part of the Cyclades.

13. Meco Beach, Portugal

An easy drive south from Lisbon (~40km), Praia do Meco has been nudist-friendly since the ’70s. Beach-left is where you should head, as the right side is more of a family area.

The surf can be good at Meco if the wind kicks up, and it’s also a popular spot among the gay community.

14. Les Calanques, Cassis, France

Les Calanques, near Marseilles, comes courtesy of Brave New Traveler editor Carlo Alcos:

Not your typical beach (well, not really a beach at all), it is a series of inlets carved out by rocky limestone cliffs. Take a walk along the trailtop and pop down to any number of “platforms” for some sunbathing and access to the water.

There is nothing official, but it is clear which parts are nude and which aren’t. Find yourself your own little platform and strip down to your birthday suit. You can find privacy if you like, away from other sunbathers…of course, the tourist boats that occasionally sail by may break that…just wave.

15. Contadora Island, Panama

The Archipelago of Las Perlas is tucked into the large half-circle bay on Panama’s Pacific coast. And at the north of that archipelago lies the tiny Isla Contadora.

Despite the island’s diminutive size, there are several beaches and tourist accommodations. Naturists want Playa Suecas, on the southwest corner. You won’t find an official spot to disrobe anywhere else in the country.

16. Brighton Beach, England

There have been reports of the pervy element here, but the folks at British Naturism still embrace this stretch of pebbly beach in southeastern England.

They held a poorly attended but high-spirited recruitment session here on a stormy August day in 2008.

17. 7 Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Photo: Debbie Ann Powell/Shutterstock

This stretch of sand (only four miles long, not seven) in the far west of the island is home to several top-end resorts that cater to an au naturel clientele.

By law, all beach areas are public property, so you’re welcome to swing with the high rollers down by the water.

18. Vera Playa, Spain

This nudist “zone” on the Costa Almeria includes 2.5km of beach, hundreds of private residences, a 4-star hotel, and several restaurants. It bills itself as “mainland Europe’s only all-year-round naturist resort,” but there’s no fee to strut it on the beach here.

And, unlike other destinations on this list, Vera Playa encourages visitors to keep it bare off the beach as well.

19. Lokrum Island, Croatia

The proximity of Lokrum to Dubrovnik (just across the water) makes it especially popular. Catch a quick ferry from the Old Town and then keep an eye out for the “FKK” signs, denoting the nudist beach.

It’s more rocks than sand here, so you might consider buying a foam mat from one of the vendors.

20. Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico
nude beaches

Photo: In2dodo /Shutterstock

Culturally conservative Mexico doesn’t provide too many places to free-skin it, but Zipolite is one of them. Well, technically it’s illegal since all beaches are government-owned and Tio Samuel doesn’t condone nudity. But, you know…

Look for fellow naturists at the far end of the beach. And be careful swimming — the undertow is reported to be fierce.

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