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How to: Survive a Plane Crash

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by Joshywashington Aug 23, 2011
Mayday! Mayday! Your plane is going down… these 3 videos show you how you walk ( or better yet run ) away with your life.

THINKING OF BEING IN AN PLANE CRASH makes my butt pucker, regardless if the majority of passengers end up surviving.

Thankfully there are several tried and true rules that can increase your odds of escaping the burning wreckage with your skin mostly intact. For instance, research shows that passengers that sit in the back of the plane are more likely to survive a crash than those in the front.

Chance favors the prepared traveler so pay close attention, there may be a pop quiz…

10 tips for survival

  • Grab an aisle seat. Better yet an exit row.
  • Wear pants, a long sleeved shirt and closed toe shoes. If you have to leap through flames you want something between your tender flesh and the burning jet fuel.
  • Pay attention. Note where the exits are and where the flight attendants are stationed. Also take heed of possible impediments that could slow your exit.
  • Brace yourself for impact. Assume the crash position, head against the seat in front of you. The point here is to absorb the massive shock of the impact.
  • Protect your face against smoke with something. Use a damp towel ( pack one in a plastic bag if you are extra paranoid ), a scarf or just your shirt. Most airplane deaths occur due to smoke inhalation.
  • Forget your luggage. Don’t even think about it. Remarkably, some people start to reach for their carry on’s instead of heading for the exit. If I catch you doing this ( and you are in my way ) I will jump kick you.
  • Breathe slowly. Slow the flow of smoke into your blood stream by breathing as calmly as you can.
    Get out of there. It takes about 90 seconds for a downed plane to burst into flames. That minute and a half is your window of survival.
  • Stay low. Smoke rises, stay down and move forward. If you can’t see try and use the exit lights in the aisles to guide you.
  • Get away from the plane. Out of the plane is not out of harms way, get real far away from the crash if you are not assisting other passengers.

3 video tutorials that could help save your life.

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