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Awe-Inspiring Views From Above: What It's Like to See a Cloud Forming From an Airplane

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by Matador Creators Jan 3, 2023

Clouds are such a fascinating sight that pictures of perfect clouds have the power to break the internet. They show up in shapes like mushrooms and waves. But flying on an airplane is the best way to see those perfectly fluffy, awe-inspiring vapors views from above. One of the most breathtaking sights is seeing a cloud form from an airplane window. From the sky, clouds look like soft white cotton candy, slowly growing and changing with every passing second. It’s an experience that any traveler can witness if they look closely enough. Tish De Alwis, a pilot from the United Kingdom, was able to catch the calming and beautiful phenomenon during a flight.


Flying through the clouds while a new one is being formed ☁️ 😮 📍United Kingdom Ig: @tishdealwis

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Clouds are formed when warm air rises into the atmosphere and meets cold at higher altitudes. This causes moisture, such as water vapor in the rising air, to condense into tiny droplets of water or ice crystals, forming visible clouds in the sky. Depending on where you are flying and what altitude you are at, you may experience this phenomenon for yourself!

From an airplane window, you’ll notice how quickly clouds can change shape and color within mere seconds—which gives you plenty of time to observe them as they move across the sky while your plane continues its journey forward. Since clouds represent nature’s ever-changing beauty, catching them forming right before your eyes can be both mesmerizing and inspiring all at once!

For travelers who want to take in some truly awe-inspiring scenery during their next flight, watching a cloud form from an airplane window is worth experiencing! Watching these gorgeous formations appear out of thin air is breathtaking and provides plenty of time for reflection. So if you have the opportunity during your next flight, keep your eyes peeled for these stunning views from above!

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