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This NYC Restaurant Serves 10-Foot-Long Pizzas

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by Matador Creators Feb 13, 2023

New York City is home to one of the most iconic pizza styles around the world, and New Yorkers tend to get heated about which famous pizzerias serve the best slices in the city. Judging criteria typically includes the crispiness and foldability of the crust, the flavor of the sauce and the ratio of sauce to cheese, and what other toppings are worthy of a New York City-style pizza. One restaurant in Lower Manhattan found another way to land on the must-eat list — by serving pizzas up to 10 feet long (and claiming to be the only restaurant in the world to do so).

@foodwtf This pizza shop in #NYC serves up a 10 foot pizza 😲📍#BigaBite Restaurant 🎥 @biga.bite #foodie #foodtravel #nycfoodie #nycrestaurant #pizzanyc ♬ original sound – ice cream sandwich

In the video above, you’ll see that the largest size pie at Biga Bite is so long it has to be served from the sidewalk through an open window. These delicious and gargantuan concoctions are the brainchild of Giovanni Barbieri, the restaurant’s Italian-born pizza chef.

In addition to regular round pies, Biga Bite’s rectangular sharing-style pizzas are split into two categories designed for either small or large parties. Small group pizzas are made Roman-style and can be sized to feed two, three, or four people, working out to one flavor and one 10- to 11-inch square per person. The large group pizzas come in six, seven, eight, or 10 feet, which are meant to feed anywhere from five to 12 people.

Flavors range from classics like margherita and olive to specialties like the chips and guac pizza with the option to add shrimp, the vegan pizza with hummus and seasonal veggies, and the New Yorkish pizza with pepperoni, burrata, Korean chili, and spicy honey.

As if the novelty wasn’t tempting enough, the best part about ordering a massive pizza for a large group is the number of flavors and toppings you get to try as they’re divided into sections, starting with three and maxing out at six for the 10-foot pies.

Gluten free personal pizzas are also available, alongside starters and a couple of panini options. Surprisingly, pre-orders aren’t necessary even for the biggest pizzas on the menu, although reservations are recommended for big groups.

Where: 1 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

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