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This Tiny Scottish Island's Former Mines Are Now Cliff-Jumping Heaven

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by Matador Creators Jan 5, 2023

Looking at Easdale Island today, you’d never know that it used to be a center for the slate mining industry. That’s because all the large quarries that pockmarked the tiny Scottish island have been flooded when commercial quarrying ended around 1914. Now the island is full of great big pools that almost look natural, and that are perfect for cliff jumping.

Located in the Inner Hebrides islands on the west coast of Scotland, Easdale Island is on the way to nowhere. You have to put in some efforts to get there, but it’s worth it. The one and only way to Easdale Island is by a cheap, five-minute ferry ride from the village of Ellenabeich on the nearby Isle of Seil, itself connected to the mainland by the stone Clachan Bridge, also know as “The Bridge over the Atlantic”. While visitors can drive from the Scottish mainland to the Isle of Seil, they can’t bring their vehicle to Easdale Island — it’s a car-free zone.

Easdale Island is not only tiny in size (62 acres), but also in population — there are only 60 inhabitants on the island. Of course, the peace and quiet of the island is appealing to those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, and they’ll certainly get their fair share of tranquility and beautiful views there.

But don’t confuse calm with boring, Easdale Island has some fun to offer. Besides the cliff jumping and the walks by the water, visitors can also partake in the annual World Stone Skimming Championships in September.

If the island sounds like the perfect place to retreat from your busy life, there are four cottages for rent, as well as a pub that doubles as a restaurant, The Puffer, for when the urge for a pint or meal of fish and chips strikes.

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