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What It’s Like to Eat Frog Legs in France

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by Matador Creators Aug 24, 2023

When it comes to classical French cuisine that Americans might initially cause us to turn up our noses, frog legs, which have a long history as a loved source of protein, likely tops the list. Recipes for frog legs, known as cuisses de grenouille in French, likely originated in southern China, but it was the French who elevated frog legs to the status of a national delicacy in Western cultures. It’s believed that resourceful monks in the 12th century, who were restricted from eating meat, turned to frog legs as a substitute protein source. Over time, this practice gained popularity and became ingrained in the French culinary tradition.

Frog legs are often prepared by sautéing or frying, though they can also be grilled or added to a soup. Given the lack of actual meat in the dish, they’re often served as an hors d’oeuvre or appetizer, accompanied by side dishes like roasted potatoes, steamed veggies, or fresh salads.

Travel influencer Michael Motamedi got a crash course in consuming frog legs in France during his recent visit there. Motamedi used GuideGeek, Matador Network’s AI travel concierge, to plan his entire trip, including where to go, stay, and eat. When he wanted to try frog legs in Paris, he simply asked the GuideGeek app, “I want to eat a classic French dish. Where can I get really good frog legs?”

@michaelmotamedi Eating frog legs in Paris is definitely a bucket list for me. The best part having it at an establishment like this. I am a history buff and from I have read, Roger is definitely a colorful character in France. #michaelmotamedi #traveltiktok #foodtiktok #gourmet #frogtok #paris #france ♬ French scented fashionable accordion waltz(874070) – Single Origin Music

The app sent him to Roger La Grenouille (which translates to Roger the Frog), a restaurant with a frog-focused menu that offers a wide range of frog leg options. After trying the escargot in wine sauce, Motamedi ordered the frog burger and traditional frog legs in garlic butter. A frog burger might not replace your love of the traditional hamburger, but it certainly exceeded Motamedi’s expectations, and he made his thoughts perfectly clear on the traditional frog legs: “It’s official. Frog is the new chicken.”

Follow Motamedi’s adventures (frog and otherwise) by checking out No Fixed Address, his show on GuideGeek’s Instagram channel. To follow in his footsteps and plan your own trip using AI, just go to to download the travel concierge. Whether you’re looking for the best place to eat frogs for the first time or just want recommendations for cool hotels and activities, let GuideGeek give you travel inspo on-the-go.

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