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The Soup Dumplings at This Houston Restaurant Are Hiding a Sweet Surprise

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by Matador Creators Jan 12, 2023

Going out for dim sum means eating a treasure trove of delicious treats – from barbecue pork buns to beef short ribs. The crown jewel of dim sum dishes is the soup dumpling (just one delicious style of dumpling from around the world), a steaming pouch of filling (like shrimp or pork) floating in piping hot broth. These fun to eat, savory little pockets of joy are typically filled with ground pork, but one restaurant is getting creative with their soup dumplings: Hi Trendy Dumpling in Houston, Texas actually offers a dessert soup dumpling filled with melted chocolate.

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Hong Kong and Flushing, Queens are two of the best places to dim sum in the world, but Houston should get some of the spotlight, too. Hi Trendy Dumpling is known for playful and creative takes on the typical dim sum dishes – the restaurant also serves a giant soup bao stuffed with truffles and drizzled in chili oil. The whole menu is filled with succulent dishes, from crispy slices of Peking duck served in rice paper rolls, to strips of tender eggplant soaked in garlic sauce. The noodles and dumplings are all made fresh, by hand.

A dim sum meal typically consists of many small plates of dumplings and other small bites, from egg tarts, to custard buns, chicken feet, and siu mai (open faced shrimp dumplings). Diners can customize their meal, using a sheet on which they mark how many orders of each dim sum dish they want, which they then hand to the waiter (there usually isn’t a traditional menu on hand unless you ask for it).

If you’re inexperienced at ordering dim sum, it’s easy to order too much food – not just because everything will look so delicious (waiters also tend to walk around the dining room, wheeling carts stacked with tea, and trays and bamboo steamers piled high with even more food) but because you might not be used to the portions.

However, if you don’t finish everything on the table, you might elicit a sideways glance from the staff. In fact, there is a standard for dim sum etiquette that you should know about before eating at a restaurant like Hi Trendy Dumpling.

Yes, the moment you walk into a dumpling restaurant like Hi Trendy Dumpling, your eyes will behold culinary treasures that your stomach will want to devour – but you won’t be able to try everything on your first visit. That’s why you just have to keep going back for more.

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