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Hike, Swim, and Jump From the Many Waterfalls of Mil Cascadas

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by Matador Creators Ashley Welton Jan 6, 2023

Outside of the town of Taxco, in Mexico’s Guerrero state, is a paradise of greenery and turquoise, crystal clear waters. This is Mil Cascadas, or 1000 Waterfalls – a series of waterfalls  and natural swimming pools.

Sometimes also known as Las Granadas, Mil Cascadas is one the best attractions in Mexico for people who like to spend their vacation outdoors. There are about 20 waterfalls that are safe to visit. The tiered pools, some of which are more shallow than others, are good for swimming, wading, or taking a quick dip to cool down after a hike.

Once you’re there, you can take part in rigorous physical activities. Around the waterfalls, visitors can hike, swim, even rappel down waterfalls, and explore caves and grottos. Some people even like to jump from the top of the waterfalls into the pools below.

The waterfalls will flow most powerfully during the rainy season, from May to July. Even then, you won’t find many crowds here because it’s not a well known attraction in Mexico yet. On the weekends, you will still have plenty of privacy.

The best way to visit Mil Cascadas is with a tour guide like this one, because that person can tell you where it’s safe to jump and swim from, and will take you to some of the hidden pools and caves for an even more adventurous exploration of the park. Life jackets are also required for swimming in the waterfalls, which a guide can also provide (but you should bring your own towel, a change of clothes, and sneakers).

Mil Cascadas is about three hours from Mexico City, and about an hour from Taxco. A day trip from either place to these waterfalls is easy with a tour group. Some tours will pick up guests in Mexico City and head to Taxco from there, where they can sample the local cuisine before heading in the park. Once you get to the park, there is also the possibility of ziplining and overnight tent camping.

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