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Is This Taco Bell in Antigua, Guatemala, the Prettiest One Ever?

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by Matador Creators Jan 12, 2023

A Taco Bell in Guatemala is grabbing attention on social media.

Antigua is a city in southern Guatemala that’s famous for being surrounded by volcanoes and filled with colorful Spanish colonial architecture. The architectural style is so ubiquitous that it even extends to a local Taco Bell outpost, which you could easily mistake for a charming sit-down restaurant rather than a fast-food joint.

Antigua’s Taco Bell sits behind a set of tall, thick, carved wooden doors. A chandelier hangs above the corridor that leads to the restaurant’s arched entryway. There’s an open-air courtyard with a cobblestone center in the middle of the restaurant. Plants line the walls, wooden picnic tables fill the space under the shade of white umbrellas, and an ornate red fountain pushes up against the far wall. There’s covered seating under the overhang that outlines the courtyard, too, with tables arranged on a tiled floor. Where there’s not exposed brick — and, in one corner, a large “Live Más” sign illuminating the chain’s slogan — the walls share the same pale yellow color of landmarks like the Santa Catalina Arch and La Merced Church.

It’s unlike any Taco Bell you’ve likely seen — except for the menu.

Believe it or not, even a Taco Bell that looks quaint enough to be a small museum more or less has the same menu as the shabby drive-through you’re used to. But like many international fast-food chains that aim to cater to regional fast-food tastes, Antigua’s Taco Bell does have a few menu items you’re unlikely to find stateside. For starters, you can order french fries as a side dish — not nacho fries, regular fries. As for dessert, this Antigua’s Taco Bell offers special treats like flautas de chocolate, which are essentially chocolate-flavored tortillas that are rolled up with dulce de leche inside. (Flautas originated in Mexico.)

Some travelers have reported that the guacamole and salsa at Antigua’s Taco Bell also taste fresher than what they’re used to in the US.

As much as some travelers enjoy sampling variations on familiar fast food abroad, it’s probably not worth going all the way to Guatemala for Taco Bell. But if you’re going to be in or around Antigua anyway, why not cross one of the coolest fast-food locations off your to-do list?

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