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Switzerland's Ice Palace Is a Magical World of Ice and Snow

by Matador Creators Mar 8, 2023

Switzerland is known for its beautiful lakes and snowy alpine landscape, but you might not be as familiar with its manmade icy wonder. The Ice Palace in Jungfraujoch, high in the Alps, is carved completely out of ice and snow, and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

@matadornetwork The Ice Palace at the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland is a magnificent sight to behold. Beyond the ice tunnel, visitors can take a moment to explore the grand ice sculptures and intricate carvings that have been carefully crafted over time and marvel at nature's majestic creations 🧊🏔 Share this with someone you’d want to visit Switzerland with! 🎥 @michaelacarrot 📍 Ice Palace at the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland #icepalace #switzerlandnature #winterdestination #wintertravel #icecave #iceskatingtiktok ♬ original sound – Matador Network

The Ice Palace has been a fixture at Jungfraujoch since 1931, when it was first built as a tourist attraction. Over the years, the palace has undergone several renovations and expansions, and it now covers an area of over 53,800 square feet. It includes an ice bar, an ice chapel, and a number of other sculptures and exhibits.

The Ice Palace is open all year round, but is especially magical in winter when it’s blanketed in snow. If you’re visiting during winter, make sure to dress warmly. The temperature inside stays at a constant 23 degrees, so you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of layers to keep warm.

In addition to the Ice Palace, there are several other attractions at Jungfraujoch, including an observatory deck, a Sphinx Observatory, and a Alpine Sensation Exhibit. You can also take a cable car ride or go hiking in the area. Jungfraujoch is also known as the “Top of Europe” because it is the highest railway station in Europe. It is located 11,333 feet above sea level, making it an ideal spot to visit if you want to experience the Swiss Alps in all their glory.

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