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You Can Hot Tub Inside an Igloo at This Swiss Ice Hotel

by Matador Creators Feb 1, 2023

Long before ice hotels hit the scene, Inuit peoples in Northern Canada built igloos out of blocks of snow as temporary shelters during harsh winters. The dwellings gained traction across the Arctic for their efficient insulation, which allowed for a comfortable temperature inside the shelter despite the extreme cold outside. Today, igloo-style accommodations exist in many cold-weather destinations, from an Arctic resort in Finland to an entire igloo village in Finnish Lapland. But the Iglu-Dorf ice hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland, takes comfort to the next level with a variety of luxurious amenities — including a private whirlpool in the case of the exclusive suite.

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Iglu-Dorf is a hotel, bar, and event venue located in Zermatt, Switzerland, home of the Matterhorn. In fact, the property sits at the base of the world-famous mountain, boasting views of its pointy peak from wherever you’re located.

Six igloos make up the site’s hotel: the Igloo Suite, Romantic Igloo, Romantic Igloo Plus, Friends & Family Igloo, Friends & Family Igloo Plus, and Classic Igloo. (You can also build your own Classic Igloo for an additional fee.) All rooms have thermal mats and sleeping bags designed to keep you toasty in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stays at the Iglu-Dorf include welcome drinks and snacks, morning tea brought to your bed, a complimentary breakfast buffet, unlimited fondue, an evening walk or snowshoe excursion, and access to the shared whirlpool or sauna. Iglu-Dorf has five locations in Switzerland with varying amenities, but the Zermatt location has both a public whirlpool and sauna on site, as well as a wooden fire-heated hut known as a kota for guests to enjoy. The restaurant and bar serve hot local comfort food and drinks like mulled wine and fondue.

Like a traditional igloo, Iglu-Dorf is a temporary, seasonal accommodation. It gets rebuilt every winter, and every year, artists are invited to carve intricate designs on the walls of every ice suite. The current season opened on December 17, 2022, and will close on April 16, 2023. The hotel is typically open from Thursday to Sunday, there are additional overnight stays available from Wednesday to Thursday in February.

Rates for an igloo suite range start around $280 per adult, depending on which igloo you book and for how many people.

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