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I’VE SEARCHED HIGH AND LOW, drank with the best of them, and endured sleepless nights by the toilet to find the best party hostels out there.

Here are 20 that will keep you drinking, dancing, flirting, and hugging the porcelain goddess until the sun comes up:

Surf N’ Sun

Location: Gold Coast, Australia.

With a swimming pool and open courtyard, the Surf N’ Sun packs the young, the wild, and the alcoholic.

Bar Crawls take place every night and the hostel offers punch and free club entry. Boxes of goon start flowing late afternoon when people come back from the beach.

The Clown and Bard

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

With a 36 person dorm room, this place is always hopping. There’s a bar downstairs with a two for three happy hour beginning at 7pm and a live band filling the air.

Music gets blasting and four deck games of Kings have been known to break out as people forget there’s a city outside the hostel. If you’re in the 36 bed dorm, bring earplugs as this place does not follow any of the hostel sex rules.

The Flying Pig

Photo by fatalfuj

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With its bar and pillow lounge, the Flying Pig is the spot for those looking to channel their inner Bob Marley. There’s a constant cloud of smoke seeping out into streets at all hours of the day and night. Don’t worry if you run out- there are two coffeeshops across the street!


Location: Melbourne, Australia

Base features a downstairs club that pumps out music every night. You won’t get any sleep as the music filters up the floors and entices you to come down and party until dawn.

The young and the restless fill the dance floor after drinking pitchers of beer and cheap, colorful shots. There’s usually theme and karaoke nights that let you embarrass your self all night long.


Photo by obvio171

Location: Cusco, Peru

Located in a 450 year old building, Loki is known throughout South America for its parties. With regular events, an open lounge, and theme nights, I wouldn’t expect any sleep here either. The bar is regularly packed so tight, you’ll be practically grinding against your neighbor.

#11 Happy Guesthouse

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Why: Located by the lake in Phnom Penh, #11 Happy Guesthouse features a huge patio, two big screen TVs, a pool table, and one dollar beers. Always packed, this hostel is filled with the party seekers who spend their days sightseeing and night drinking beer before heading to the infamous Heart of Darkness.

St. Christopher’s Inn

Location: London, England

A bar, karaoke, cheap drinks, and a license to go until 4am all means that this hostel is bursting with partygoers and one the busiest in London. After you drink it down, you can take it off at the rooftop hot tub. People here know where the action is and if you play your cards right, it just might be your room.


Photo by foraggio

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Located in the center of Las Ramblas, Kabul has a very open second floor where all parties happen. Happy hour officially begins at 7, which is usually a few hours after everyone wakes up.

With a reputation for partying, this place keeps drawing those who start partying at 2 a.m. and sleep until 2 p.m. This place gives new meaning to the term “late night.” I was called a quitter for sleeping at 5 a.m.

The Rising Cock

Location: Lagos, Portugal

The Rising Cock is infamous for its parties and it’s well deserved. Two things happen at the Rising Cock: drinking and drinking.

Start your day with the hostel’s booze cruise on which the majority of people get naked, and then keep the partying going with drinking games at the hostel. If you can’t handle 24 hour partying, this hostel is not for you.

The Pink Palace

Location: Corfu, Greece

The Pink Palace is one of the world’s most famous party hostels in the world and with good reason: toga parties, cheap shots of ouzo, happy hours, and theme nights. After a day at the beach (which is just minutes away) or their booze cruise, you’ll be spending the night dancing at their club, Palladium, until the sun comes up.

The hostel has over 300 beds- there’s a good chance, you might not end up in yours!

The Treehouse

Photo by prufrock27

Location: Ko Chang, Thailand

Every night is a bucket night at the Treehouse, and it’s the perfect blend of a relaxed hippy vibe and partying with a very active dance floor and a lot drinking. This place has all the ambiance you need and you don’t have to stay there to party there. People trickle in from all over to have fun, making this a hotspot on Lonely Beach.

The Yellow

Location: Rome, Italy

With a bar downstairs and semi-nightly pub crawls, it’s pretty easy to meet people at the Yellow. It’s not a huge hostel either making the close quarters also convenient for meeting fellow travelers.

Ostello Archi Rossi

Location: Florence, Italy

This place has been popular for a long time as evident by the walls covered by the names of past guests. A big courtyard and common dining area keep people mingling and drinking vino rossi.

There are some clubs down the street and, when they close, you can move back to the courtyard to keep the party going. The rooms are a little away from the action so you can actually get some sleep if you want.


Photo by gpwarlow

Location: Berlin, Germany

Known for its partying, Wombats rarely sees anyone over 25. With an ultra-chic bar, everyone breaks out their best attire and pickup skills here. Cheap drinks keep travelers mingling all night long. If you can’t meet anyone here, you can’t meet anyone anywhere.

The Jazz on South Beach

Location: Miami, Florida USA

Located right near the beach, The Jazz on South Beach has an excellent bar that hosts the bold and beautiful of South Beach. This is the place to stay if you’re looking to be seen in South Beach.

Carnival Court

Location: Capetown, South Africa

There’s no chance of a good night’s sleep at Carnival Court. Located near a lot of bars (there’s also a bar in the hostel), this place is a hangover waiting to happen.

It’s wild here and everyone is looking to break a new drinking record. The staff will point you in the direction of the parties but you just might have trouble walking there as the fun here starts well before the sun goes down.

Millhouse Hostel

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The music is on 24-hours a day at the Millhouse and the atmosphere is extremely social! Each night has a different activity such as dance party, karaoke night, and tango lessons.

Definitely a hostel for those that want non-stop fun and excitement right at home! Most commonly heard line: “Were those moans from the porno shop next store or did you get lucky last night?”

Auckland Central Backpackers

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Located right down town, this hostel draws upon the fact its part of the Base chain. That means all the craziness of Melbourne spills over with people getting down and dirty all night long. It will give you another reason to keep staying longer in Auckland. !

India House

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

A funky converted house that was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the India House features eccentric local characters and travelers who just can’t leave. Maybe it’s Bourbon St. Maybe it’s the jazz. Maybe it’s the beer vending machine in the kitchen. Whatever it is, people here know how to have a good time.

Tina’s Backpackers

Location: Caye Caulker, Belize

Located right on the beach, Tina’s Backpackers keeps people in close quarters. Everyone here is into island living – sun by day, drink by night.

Though the crowd tends to be a bit older (30ish), you wouldn’t know it by the way people party here. It is way off the beaten path but it’s worth it.

Don’t miss the sequel: 20 More Of the Craziest party Hostels In The World.

Feature photo by fortes

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Matt Kepnes gave up the cubicle to pursue a life of adventure, hoping to avoid an office for the rest of his life. You can find his daily musings at Nomadic Matt.

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  • Paul Freeman

    It's really cool to see Treehouse on this list, when I was on Koh Chang the place was the starting point to many Awesome nights of partying, particularly when you get a storm coming in over the sea and people are hanging off the rails to catch to spray from the waves and watching the lightening before the rain hits and people go kinda wild dancing in tropical down pour.

  • RPO

    Australia here i come!

  • Nomadic Matt

    I'll be continuing my quest this summer exploring Europe for more party hostels. My liver hates me in advance!

  • Joris

    I've been to treehouse (Thialand) and Happy guesthouse (Cambodia) . Both absolutly top 20. Just stubled this page, brilliant to see two places I've been.

  • markishmark

    Damn, and I thought the Green Tortoise Seattle was a blast! Imma have to check some of these places out!

  • Mathias

    Just like Joris I have been to the Treehouse on Koh Chang and the Happy guesthouse in Phnom Penh. Actually I going back to Thailand and Koh Chang in September :)

  • Marco van de Kamp

    He guys to make it easy for you to book the craziest hostels online ;). I searched all the urls from the 20 hostels. Took some time…, but I placed them at the TFTHostels blog. Happy Party Travels

  • Leif Smokey

    Been to the Flying Pig in Amsterdam, the one next to Vondel Park (there are two Flying Pigs in Amsterdam, and one just outside the city limits on a beach). I'll never stay anywhere else in Amsterdam. Definitely the coolest hotel/hostel/overnight accommodations I've ever occupied. Some days I didn't even leave, just sat in the bar on the pillow floor and drank, smoked pot and played poker with all the other world travelers.

  • Josh @ Hostel Manage

    Great list! I've only been to one of them, but I'm looking forward to going through the list :D

  • Kristy Ramirez

    Great list I have stayed at a few of these and i certainly didnt get much sleep. Dont know about Kabul though, only stayed there one short night and got eaten alive by bed bugs, hopefully its cleaner these days.

  • Craig

    Wombats Vienna does a pretty good job of keeping you awake all night too. Great place to be.

  • j campbell

    In Hungary , Budapest there is a hostel with a 24 hour bar underneath that reminded nme of mos eisley. I look back on it with a dark elation of the experiences in that dungeon of sexy women and evil men. It was a dangerous place. It was great.

  • surfergrl

    Beeen to the Gold Coast one! And every other hostel there&try to hit it when the Indy's on, place is bursting with people then! Or the Quik Pro down the coast at Snapper. What a place&can't wait to go back. And to try the rest of the list! St Christopher's in Newquay, Cornwall is also the place to be – the bar is known as Belushi's and is a haven away from the stag and hen nights!

  • OSB

    anyone been to the banana bungalow in san diego?? this should make the top 10 list!!!!

  • Wool Shed

    The Woolshed in Cairns, Australia surely!?

  • Debby Phillips

    The Treehouse looks like it would be my favorite. After I read that it is on a beach that sealed the deal!

  • jonny wonder

    I'm immediately visiting all of these. Minus the Flying Pig.. it's not that cool

  • S

    Uncle Changs on Palau Mabul in Sabah – I'll never quite get over the amount of Tanduay Rhum I consumed there!

  • Tondi

    The Clown and Bard is amazing and has a long history of being Eastern Europe's best hostel. The Pink Palace is well…hedonism. Ask for George.

  • bob the mob

    You know, if you want to hang around with a bunch of drunken jackasses, there's probably a college right down the street from you. I don't really see the point in traveling to far off places, then hanging around a hostel and getting drunk with a bunch of "brahs" when I can do that at home.

  • Erica Johansson

    I love the rooftop hot tub, the groundfloor lounge and the bar at St. Christopher's Inn. One of the best hostels in London!

  • Travel Planners

    Nicely compiled. Linked here. Thanks for your efforts in sharing such resources with us readers. Travel Planners

  • Clarabelle

    Went to the Treehouse in Ko Chang a few years ago, really lovely chilled and has really good cheap little beach huts (v basic tho), but i hear its under new mangement and may have changed. Nathan's Villa in Krakow Poland is the best hostel ever, great for partying but its still nice enough and a high standard so you probably won't wake up with an 18 year old puking on you or someone shagging in the bunk above you (that's just minging). Also Palace Backpackers in Brisbane, Australia is an awesome party hostel, really friendly with a great bar underneath, it does fun quizzes and drinking games and all that so if you're travelling alone you'll meet people really quick.

  • Alex

    cool list. you'd probably have to add The Funny Farm in Interlocken Switzerland to this mix too

  • Portise

    Worked at the St Christophers for a bit, yeah dawg. Loose times, good times.

  • M

    i had a total blast at the green tortoise in seattle too! the one in san fran was not so hot. i totally recommend the usa hostel in vegas if you wanna party though! the club crawl is ace, $20 for a limo ride along the strip and free entry into the best bars and clubs. plus there's a pool, subsidised bar and free pancake breakfast.

  • ronson

    Very beautiful girl on the first picture I vlyubilsya

  • Marc M

    I'm glad I stumbled on your blog. I hope I'll have the opportunity someday to check out a few of the fun places you talked about.

  • Jon – The DC Travele

    Interesting, all the hostles in Washington DC are alcohol free.

  • Cyril

    I love the suggestions, I plan to hit up as many of those hostels as possible. My first party hostel environment was The Green Tortoise in san francisco, I had a riot of a time, they had beer olympics one night, pub crawls two other nights, a sauna, and their ballroom is a great place to stock up and drink after the american bars close at 2. They even had live music one night. I cannot wait to see what other places have to offer.

  • Expat Rockstar

    When I travel outside of my home country I prefer to ONLY spend my time around other white westerners with similar experiences and background. I could not imagine if I had to actually be around the brown locals (or god forbid, speak to one) outside of waiters and taxi drivers Than god that I can see the world surrounded by like minded people that look like me

  • Scott

    Hmmm I'm not sure how the fun of Melbourne can flow out to Auckland – considering they're in different countries and separated by a couple of hundred kilometers of both ocean and land…

  • Ibiza

    How some of Ibiza's hotels like, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Hotel Garbi, Es Vive all excellent party hotels!

  • ash knowland

    looks like i have my new travel itinerary

  • jjj

    After covering ALL of SA, Carnival Court is a joll, but Tekeweni in Durbs and Island Vibe in J'Bay (during season or at the pro) give it a serious run for it's money. Hmm… I think this should be a new tab on Matador altogether.

  • Peter Smith

    I've visited 3 of those in Europe – all great but I particularly liked the Pink Palace , great nightclub and 24 hour bars. They even had ATVs and booze cruises – assuming you can get up in the mornings !!!!

  • Melina_Hunt

    Peter, me and my 4 friends were at the Pink Palace hostel in Corfu last year. We really loved it also and had the most amazing stay there out of our europe trip. That place just rocks, the best place to stay and party. Great location and unbeatable prices as it included huge meals to soak up the alchohol!

  • Chad Barnes

    the millhouse (undeserving of Capital Letters) and the loki (ditto) will steal your soul and sell it half-price for a bag of drugs. stay away from them. culture!

  • d4m4s74

    you can't smoke anymore in the flying pig god damn govs got in the way

  • Phrosty

    it's so much more than just getting drunk with the "brahs." it's a completely different party experience.

  • The_Thin_Man

    that's why they all the hostels in Washington D.C. suck.

  • Personal Trainer

    SO AWESOME, I wish I was 10 years younger and 100 dollars richer so I could go back in time and party like a rock start!!!

  • Shawn mcCrea

    Ive been to Carnival Backpackers in Cape Town, wasnt looking to party there but this place wouldnt let you sleep. Long St right out front is amazing but dont go down the side streets. The Woolshed in Cairns, AUS i may have to agree with as well, was there atleast 3 times a week in the month i spent living there!!

  • Danielle

    I hate pretentious replies like this….How do u know that people who stay a night or two (or w/e) in hostels also don't get to know the locals? Personally, I plan on teaching a couple of years of English abroad but I also love to party with people who are just happy to be alive westerners or not! So anyway, please…..Get the f*ck over yourself!! (Expat Rockstar…Ha!) You're probably the guy who buys all new clothes once he gets to a country and mutters about all the damn westerns around ruining his "authentic experience". Life is way too short, man. Anyway, great list thank you! Can't wait to graduate and finally get to travel ;-) !

  • Heidi Baggott

    I stayed at St. Christopher’s (Shepherds Bush) in December and the bar closed at 11pm.

  • Robotter_the_Globetrotter

    I wanna go to that one in Amsterdam with 2 coffee shops across the street. And I’m going to Europe this Fall. Won’t be my 1st time as I went in the 90′s several times to the ‘dam. Was confusing with 7 different kinds of money in my wallet when trying to find money to pay the tram after spliffing out in a coffee shop, but we don’t have to worry now with the Euro. I stayed at hostels back then in my travels, but none were party party happy happy like they are today, but focused on budget beds for young travelers. I’m in my 30′s now and I still do budget travel as I’m not rich enough to afford hotels nor do I want that unless I was packing a wife and kids. I like free thinker independent travel.

    I went to Treehouse on Koh Chang last Summer and really loved the beach atmosphere, but was warned that police do raids once in a while where police do piss tests right on the spot. Was staying at Siam Hut next door. Enjoy the techno music fire poi shows much so. And the BBQ at Siam Hut next to Tree House is da bomb. BBQ barracuda steaks, sweet ears of yellow corn, and potatoes among other choices. Gotta buy early, before 9pm, or you’ll miss out. Great time.

    Cambodia is cool about that smoking thing. If you do get stopped by a cop for anything, it’s a $20 bribe to pass go. Be careful in Thailand if you’re crazy enough to do break their laws. Koh Phangan had no problem a year ago, but it was said this past year, the Samui islands are looking to start cracking down on backpackers getting high.

    Vang Vieng, Laos is another place you’ll like if you like to party. Happy Happy tubing. OMG, there’s no other party quite like Vang Vieng. Check it out, but be careful as many people jump in the river off the bar platforms and break their legs from hitting rocks in the water. Any kind of Happy Happy is offered as well by locals on the river shore with bamboo party bars. The coolest bungalows and bars ever.

    Really, their are hundreds, if not thousands, of really cool and I mean really ultra cool places. This review is only highlighting a few.

  • Sean

    I would love to hear some of the crazy stories that happen at these hostels, or any other crazy party stories! Please post them at

  • snow

    Treehouse is amazing. Its pretty chill, but amazing.

  • Hotel Lover

    HA! Kabul looks amazing, you could back pack thru Europe and visit a chunk of these… you should do a: “Best Spring Break Hotel for college students”

  • Kai Rikard Soukka

    Hey !!!!!
    Forgotten MICK AND BEV” S backpackers in Melbourne opposite the Queen Victoria Markets !!
    All to do there is drink some , party some , drink some more , sex, sex , sex then drink and party more , its addictive , full of European hot bodies and like lasts in your memory a lifetime !!

  • rockstar

    I stayed at the saint Christopher’s inn in London and I LOVED IT!!!!!!! was there last week for 4days and didn’t want to go home :( what was cool was that they had a bar downstairs so it was a constant party!!!! the bartenders are awesome. they have karaoke nights and disco nights too!! they do not have the hot tub anymore do to hygiene purposes which is understandable…..

  • sean


    Durban…………Tekweni Backpackers
    Coffee Bay…….Coffee Shack

  • http://wdw rgfrg

    milhouse in argentina, is a shithole.. staff are not so nice..

    • Leeron

      I stayed @ Milhouse Argentina and the staff was great!
      It was my favorite hostel from the whole trip

  • Will Reddell

    Balmers in Interlaken is by far the best hostel I’ve stayed at. I backpacked all over Europe last summer and the best time I had was at Balmers. They really have everything you need and they have huge 4th of july and canadian celebrations every summer. You will definitely have a great time at Balmers!

  • Meli

    I stayed at Tina’s in Belize…very cool place!

  • David

    Absolutely no mention of anything in Rio? Are you crazy?? My home for six months was SambaVilla in Lapa, and if you want a crazy party hostel, you got it. Right in the heart of the Rio night action, this place is it for the carnival of life, right outside, or inside your door. Ask anyone. And if they weren’t there on a weekend, well don’t ask.

  • Lindsay

    Carpe Noctem in Budapest… or Seize the Night… is there any doubt that you are going to have a killer night life?

  • Eric

    Seven days and nights at Loki before and after the Inca Trail. Glad to see it made the list. I think it was the bacon, eggs, and toast (with black sausage in my case) every morning that kept us there even more than the bar.

  • Jonathan

    OMG!!! You’re line about the Milhouse almost made me fall out of my chair! The moaning shower is one of my eternal memories of South America. I spent a month (yes 30 days) at the Milhouse and then slept 22 hours straight on a snowy busride to Bariloche. It was the greatest sleep of my life! I recently wrote a book dedicated to traveling in South America and The Milhouse and Bs. As. in general left such a sounding impression that I have been back to visit twice since then.

    • Ryan

      Hi Jonathon

      I wondered how did you go with your book? Did you manage to get published?

  • Hostels Valencia

    i have been in many of them Hostels in the list, all are very unique, but i would go for Kabul, flying pig and rising cock, thats my choice.
    however dont look only for a party, look for something else, party is always there

  • Jaun Millalonco

    My first visit here, found the blog accidentally really, and I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed my visit and had some good reads while here :)

  • Mich

    I have considered Auckland Central Backpackers when was there for my 2-week road-trip. But it does look kind of messy and reviews seem to portray it as chaotic. I guess the party goes on all day round. =)

  • Marisa

    Absolutely the best option in Buenos Aires is Circus hostel&Hotel, very clean, cozy atmosphere, even has a heated swimming pool
    The best: prices very cheap.

    Hope the best.


  • Nepal expedition

    all are nice. i have been 3 of them. Millhouse Hostel is one of the best for me and i m intesting to stay once at kabul and The Treehouse. i thing The Treehouse is one of the best

  • Nicole

    When I saw the title of this post, I thought to myself, the Pink Palace ought to be listed in there, and behold, there it is! By far the craziest party hostel I’ve ever stayed in.

    • Andre Luis

      Who knows Nicole? I don´t understand completely, but I think that is good. Different events with new experiences and with conscientious. I think that is good and relaxing. Can you say me more about it? I feel that your phrase isn´t completely…

  • Tom Hoult

    The Wild Rover in La Paz…enough said!

  • Candice

    Beer vending machines?! I’m there.

    • Chris

      India House was the best surprise in New Orleans! We literally stumbled upon this gem and had a blast throughout our stay. We even ended up staying an extra day just sitting around drinking with the staff. Overall I give it two thumbs up on location, staff and style and I cant wait to go back for Voodoo Fest!

  • Shan

    The Loki hostels in south america are definately party hostels (there are 3 of them that i can think of, 1 in lima, 1 in cuzco and 1 in la paz, Bolivia) all equipped with tours, bar/restaurant, internet and lots of party people.
    Another great one in La Paz, Bolivia is The Adventure Brew hostel. Loved that one, close to the bus station, also do tours, has a roof top restaurant/bar that over looks the city, i also recall getting a free beer on arrival.
    Isla Mujeres (off the south coast of Mexico) has a beach side party place called Poc-na Youth Hostel, internet, tours, restaurant, pool table and games room, beach bar and your first night comes with a free drink at it.
    The Che Lagarto hostels in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile are popular but in Rio my favourite was Stone of a Beach. I loved the huge delicious free breakfasts, tours and location, the roof top bar and pool, the movies room was nice too.
    Now I’d like to find some great party hostels in Bangkok and south east asia this year.

  • Chris

    I second that, Shan, Poc Na is definitely a great party hostel! I came with the intention to spend only one night (as the island is so small, I thought there wouldn’t be much to see), but I ended up having to extend my stay as it was just too much fun.
    The place is built around a central “lobby” (a large palapa) that doubles as a cheap restaurant during the day and a bar at night. After 11 or so, the party is moved from there to the beach just outside the hostel, where they have another palapa that houses a bar and even a small wooden “dancefloor”. Party is almost every night, and usually at least until 4am :)

  • Awesome

    Those sound like pretty awesome parties!

  • SilviaOz


    How dare u to miss that one! :)

  • Rosemary

    I’ m surprised the Flying Pig in Amsterdam didn’t make the cut. It makes the Yellow in Rome look like a tiny mellow pub.

  • Emma

    haha pinned 3 on this list all ready not knowing about it :) London, Phnom Phen and Koh Chang haha so funny

  • isaacs hostel

    I think we should of made the top 20 too:)
    Come visit us next time.
    The irish know how to party.

    good read.

    Isaacs Hostel Dublin, Ireland

  • Steve

    What about Generator Hostels in London?! awesome place, had the best time there!

  • anon

    what about THE GREEN TORTOISE HOSTEL in San Francisco!!!! The best time I’ve ever had partying in a hostel!

  • Khao San Road

    I suggest Khao San Road in Thailand.

  • keith

    Carpe Noctem in Budapest, world famous pub crawls for a reason!

  • barry eagan

    I farted in a hostel once. Cleared the place out.

  • Buddy Smith

    That’s a craze! I really don’t like going to a party hostels but I think lots of Aussie people wants that kind of tripping because 5 out of 20 hostels here are from Australia.

  • Adam

    Gotta agree with Will Reddell’s post about Balmers in Interlaken, Switzerland. Defo had the best time there, hands down of all the hostels I stayed at during my Eurotrip fall 2009. As their slogan goes “I had a great time at Balmer’s.” It’s soooooo true!

  • Ian

    I’m curious about Tina’s on Caye Caulker. The review here suggests an over 30 set while the Tina’s site itself says it’s popular with a college crowd. Anyone been there who can give some first hand perspective?

  • putude

    I like the Tree House. This is a unique way how to spend your life time with a sparkling party…

  • Jessica

    Great list! I’ve stayed in five of them (Flying Pig, St Christopher’s London, Kabul, The Yellow, & India House) – and had a pretty amazing experience at all but The Yellow. Just wasn’t feeling the vibe there, I guess.

  • James

    Awesome comments guys. Just planning my first round the world trip with the love of my life…any further thoughts or pieces of experienced advice would be greatly appreciated.

    May the force be with us


  • pool table dimensions,admin

    I will definitely put this in my list when I travel Europe.

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  • Eduardo

    What a about SANT JORDI HOSTELS in Barcelona……Best hostels ever…

  • Hostels Granada

    i would say is a fair good list, being a hostel owner myself i know nearly all of them, my opinion is risingcock and pinkpalace are only worth for the summer time, however they are probably the best in that time!!!
    kabul and flying pig are very good throughout the whole year.
    so have in mind what season of the year you are going

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  • Travel With a Mate

    I find the best hostels are the ones without TVs! If i wanted to watch TV I would have stayed at home! Far too many hostels a have TVs that are on all day. The occasional movie might be ok to relax after a long day of sight seeing but constant TV in a lounge environment only serves to stop people communicating. I’ve been to a few hostels where everyone turns into TV drones and just stares at the TV.

    Hostels are all about sharing experiences and making new friends (and partying naturally). So hostels of the world! Less TVs! More parties!

  • Grethen

    Ahhh… the Treehouse, my favorite…

  • Chrissy

    Went to carnival court during the world cup and it the most insane party you can ever imagine. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good time, but staying more than a few days is a challenge. dont expect to sleep or ever be sober.

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  • Nepal Trekking, Trekking in Nepal

    ‘the treehouse’ sound really cool!!! i wish I were there partying!!!

  • Olivia

    The only reason why St Christophers Inn in London has made it on to the list and that St Christophers Inn in Paris has not, is that the person who wrote this list has obviously not stayed here yet. I have stayed in both and found that while St Christophers in London was good, the one in Paris was better. The one in Paris had everything that the one in London had plus a nightclub (as well as the bar) that stayed open until 4 am some mornings, cheap drinks and awesome staff. Plus it was a lot cheaper to stay there than the one in London.

  • SISA

    Having been to over two hundred hostels around the world
    I can say St Christophers is really not that hip and happening and i`ve been to at least 5 of them around the UK . Its really boring actually for anyone who has a clue.

    Sure its clean , sure there the Belushi` bar and sure I shagged an English Girl in The greenwich one but still other than that its quite flat really .

    But good effort mate.

  • Leeron

    I loved Loki Cusco, But I think the Loki @ La Paz was even better!

  • MattyB

    I’ve been to 11 of the 20 listed here and have to say the best – by far – was Loki. They’ve got four in Bolivia and Peru and I hear that more are planned. Great facilities and staff but if you want an early night, you better get some earplugs. Great vibe, happy memories

    • Meissho1

      Loki in Cusco was my most memorable hostel experience. Great people, great times.

  • Tauqeer

    India was once a long annals of postcolonial nations. Knead deep poverty, high inequality, and a huge population, the country still managed to avoid the dictatorship that has affected so many of its neighbors. Indian democracy now has a billion people, may have been painfully slow reform but at least it was tough.
    easy going room mate

  • Lawrencekenwright

    Hi, Look at the Masonic Apart hotel, which has been built for large group’s who want to Party in the centre of Liverpool U.K. or 

  • Lubi Traveller

    If you love party hostels, you can also find the Top 5 Wildest Party Hostels on Earth here

  • Laura @ Travelocafe

    I have just updated my list of travel locations/hostels… thanks for the interesting list.

  • andy

    I’ve been to most of the one’s mentioned in Europe, thanks to this list! Another site that has a list of the best party hostels in Europe is

  • Cameron Harris

    I’ve stayed at the 4/20 -Flying Pig in Amsterdam. Wombats in Berlin -Clown and Bard in the Czech Republic – Kabul in Barcelona. There were all exactly as the description depicts  in this article.  The mixed dorms can be interesting…. and fun, but not for the faint of heart. 

    Kabul literally is out of control, nonstop late night partying. Many people don’t make it out due to blacking out during the happy hour. Definitely not somewhere to stay if your sleep is important. More hooking up than the show MTV Undressed. 

    Clown and Bard is a kinda raunchy place in every sense of the word. Lots of late night drinking at the in house bar that never seems to stop serving. 

  • Amyyyy

    These are all pretty sick. Flying Pig is one of my favs. Added a few others to the itinerary. For me, personally it was at a hostel in Brooklyn where I saw in the matter of two days more shit that I have seen elsewhere. The owners keep a blog which is fairly entertaining as well

  • Amelia Kirby

    I’ve been to 3 listed! My other 14 were crazy too.

  • Natasha Krasle

    I went to the Wombat’s in Munich when I was 16. :] This brought back good memories of drunkenly shrieking Billy Jean into the karaoke mic at the end of the night. Thanks for linking to their website!

  • Andrea De La Rosa

    I have stayed at The Yellow in Rome. Since the city has strict drinking and pub crawling rules this hostel is the best option. Another nice thing is that the noise of the ber won’t reach the rooms, so it is guarantee you will have a good sleep!

    • Min Haneul

      hi andrea i work at the yellow and would personally like to thank you for this post. add me on facebook!

  • Mitzi Eaton

    Maria. you think Samuel`s remark is super, last monday I bought a gorgeous Bugatti Veyron after bringing in $6620 this-past/month and-more than, $10,000 this past munth. it’s by-far the most-comfortable work Ive had. I began this seven months/ago and immediately brought home more than $86 p/h. I follow this great link,,

  • James Shannon

    Note: The treehouse in Koh Chang no longer exists @ Lonely Beach… they moved to the other side of the island @ Long Beach…

  • Gotta Keep Movin’

    I’ve stayed in too many of these for it to be respectable. Solid list!

  • Nathan Evans

    I have stayed at 5 on this list and for the most part I agree- but Wombats was one of the dirtiest places- but damn I met some amazing people.

  • Nathan Evans

    I have stayed at 5 on this list and for the most part I agree- but Wombats was one of the dirtiest places- but damn I met some amazing people.

  • Paulo Jorge

    Loki is the best… i like! Tourism Guide Madeira

  • cheap flights Trip

    Very good list

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