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Calgary Stampede is a 10 day summer event that will be celebrating its centennial next year.

THIS YEAR THE Stampede took place between the 8-17 of July. Part rodeo, part county fair, the event brings serious horse riding, pageantry, and carnival rides together with music, First Nations people performing traditional dances, and tournaments. This year, $2 million was awarded in prizes in rodeo tournaments with categories like barebacking, horse cutting, and tie-down roping.

Here are a few shots from my day at the 99th annual Calgary Stampede, from noon to night.

About The Author

Mandy Glinsbockel

Mandy Glinsbockel is a freelance editorial and portrait photographer based in Calgary, AB, Canada. With a passion for humanitarianism and travel, she is compelled to use the camera as a means of providing awareness and insight into global culture. When she is not behind the camera, she can be found journaling ideas and inspirations for new projects, and volunteering on the board of Biluany Water & Literacy Society, a Calgary based nongovernmental organization.

  • Julie Schwietert Collazo

    Beautiful photos!

    • Sharon Howley

      I am sure the calf wouldn’t agree Julie!

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