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I think I love this man, despite his Arby's hat.
It looks like he's riding his bike around on a very tiny planet.
After some safety warnings, Spencer and I acquired our very own dog sled team.
The 2014 Academy Awards nominees distinguish themselves through attention to place.
Just what exactly does one do in a backcountry yurt during winter in the Colorado...
Sundance has made the process of writing about their festival easy for absent journalists.
There's a lot of crap in the genre. But there's also a ton of brilliant, life-altering...
Up close and personal with the Queensland's Great Barrier Reef.
I’m such a documentary nerd, I’ve gone places because of them.
Matador attended and met up with several filmmakers, writers, and adventurers.
Mission #1: Help construct a clean-water well in the Chimborazo province.
5Point is bringing its blend of epic adventure and raw storytelling to cities around the...
Nostalgic for drunken moments making out with locals to the backdrop of Euro...
In a world bursting at the seams with film festivals, you can miss what’s on.
Thailand is known for its kathoey or “ladyboy” culture.
What if there was some kind of function that geo-tracked your path?
After driving more than 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia, car trouble continues.
I learned to fully surrender to the adventure of experiencing something new.
Leon experiences a nearly perverse love affair with the first paved road they come to.
Behold the Xi’erqi subway station in Beijing, China, during morning rush hour.
The Gypsies embark, despite having never held an iceaxe or worn crampons before.
Tom Donhou thinks he can go 100 mph on his custom-built bicycle.
A night in a cow pen, complete with toilet facilities nicknamed the “long drop of...