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10 Signs You're Going Through Prague Withdrawal

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by Matthew Collins Mar 12, 2015

1. Everything now seems so stupidly spread out.

Prague is not a big city. It was always nice knowing that after a night out at a club in Václavské náměstí you had plenty of time to sober up on the walk back to Andel or the tram ride to I.P. Pavlova. The walk was always twice as nice if you got cross the Charles Bridge.

2. You fixate on how everything back home is so expensive.

As an American in Prague you feel like your savings tripled; there $20 can get you about 20 beers, where at home that might only get you four. You are now forced to remember how poor you actually are.

3. Beer can never possibly be the same again.

Prague is the capital city of the beer capital of the world: the Czech Republic. Not only is their beer delicious, it’s also cheaper than water and comes in half-liter steins. Good luck finding a better deal than that.

4. While we’re at it, meat will never be as good again, either.

If there’s another thing Czechs excel at, it’s meat. When you leave, say goodbye to venison, rabbit, duck, and wild boar. And goulash. Why is there no goulash here?!

5. You will randomly get the urge to go clubbing

It doesn’t even matter if you hate clubbing. Really. Prague clubs are a nightlife staple and everyone goes. The urge to dance to 1980s and 1990s music like you did at Lucerna every Saturday night will follow you long after you’ve left the country.

6. On cold days you crave mulled wine. Badly.

One cup of mulled wine and you could brave the fiercest winter tempest shirtless and in shorts. In Prague you even drank it on the street!

7. You are pissed that it’s no longer socially acceptable to have beer before noon.

What do you mean I have to wait until dinner? I want a judgment-free beer with my lunch and I want it now!

8. Street food no longer begins to satisfy you.

I’m sorry, but a dirty water dog from the hot dog vendor on the corner cannot even come close to a Prague sausage or a potato pancake.

9. Seriously, where did all the pretty people go?

I’m not saying everyone at home is ugly. It’s just that the majority of people in Prague are visually stunning.

10. You’re already desperately planning your trip back.

If one were to look through your browser history, they would find pages of links to every flight search engine on the internet, all with the same destination: Prague.

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