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10 Signs You've Culturally Become a Delhi-Walla

by Meg Lambert Feb 17, 2015

1. You refer to everyone (bar your actual family) by the title of close relatives

Including Aunty, Uncle, didi (sister), bhaiya (brother).

2. And you have an ongoing love/hate with relationship with your landlord

(Aka Aunty / Uncle) who in turn refers to you only as beta.

3. You no longer eat “curry”

No, you eat dal makhani, chole bhature, and palak paneer, washed down with chai, not tea.

3. You can (and do) get everything delivered straight to your door

I’m talking alcohol, cigarettes, aspirin, and a single bar of chocolate. Oh, and some ice. And a sponge. And milk.

4. You have a drawer full of ‘visiting cards’ for every sort of service professional you may at some point in your life require

Doctor, carpenter, taxi driver, massage therapist, tailor, electrician, removal man, ironing man, bamboo man; the list goes on.

5. You know you shouldn’t, but you eat roadside food at almost every dhaba

6. And Jugaad has become so much more than just your favourite Hindi word

It’s a philosophy and a solution to almost every problem.

7. You’ve mastered the Indian head wobble

An aqueous head motion with no accurate translation, it’s merely an ambiguous affirmation that you have said something.

8. Weddings are no longer a boring affair

They are an almost week-long matrimonial marathon of wardrobe changes and buffets big enough to feed an army…attended by 1000 of your closest friends and family.

9. You find yourself speaking “Hinglish”

“Have you reached?”
“Actually, I will take some time: ‘office time’ traffic”
“Well I’m glad we didn’t pre-pone!”
“I’m 5 minutes away, only”
“Do one thing, call and cancel”

10. Almost nothing, bar the city’s dodgy wiring, can shock you

Even three generations and the family goat cruising down the NH8 on a scooty.

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