11 Ways You Know You've Become Culturally Australian

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by Alisha Starke Nov 21, 2014

1. You can’t recall exactly when you started, but now you call it ‘Stralia.

2. You accept that “yeah, nah” is an appropriate response when asking a yes-or-no question.

3. Your new favorite on-screen romance is Rhonda and Katut.

4. Not only do you eat vegemite on toast, but you understand the delicate art of spreading it on just thick enough to taste it, but not so thick that you gag.

5. You have thong tan lines on your feet year-round.

6. You’ve started to warn visitors of the danger of drop bears.

7. You have come to realize that trying to vacuum all of the sand out of your car is a futile mission.

8. You happily confess that a crisp pavlova topped with fresh cream and fruit is now your favorite dessert.

9. You eat your weight in Thai food every month.

10. Cockatoos have decidedly dropped to the bottom of your “most desirable exotic pet” list.

11. When someone yells “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!” you instinctively shout “oi! oi! oi!”

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