The 15 Dirtiest Chilean Expressions (and How to NOT Use Them)

Chile Student Work Languages
by Nicolás Vergara Aug 22, 2015

1. A Chilean isn’t arrogant… They are “ass-crack lifted,” (levantado de raja).

2. Chilean men don’t masturbate… They “pull their guts,” (Jalar la tripa).

3. A Chilean doesn’t get ripped off… He “gets a dick in the eye,” (Pico en el ojo).

4. Chileans don’t say someone is stupid… They say, “they lack sticks for a bridge,” (Le faltan palos para el Puente).

5. Chileans don’t say, “are you kidding me?”…They say, “have you seen my balls?” (Me hay visto las weas).

6. Chileans don’t say that something is very slow…They say, “it’s slower than intercourse with a turtle” (Más lento que cacha de Tortuga).

7. Chileans don’t have bad luck… They have a “bad butt hole” (Mala cueva).

8. Chilean men don’t have erectile dysfunction… They have “an umbrella’s handle,” (Cacho paraguas).

9. Chileans don’t leave in a rush… They “tighten their butt cheeks,” (Apretar cachete).

10. A Chilean doesn’t make a bold statement… He “gets his butt soaked,” (Mojar el potito).

11. Chileans don’t experience a sex drought… They are “with the accumulated lottery,” (Andar con el kino acumulado).

12. A Chilean doesn’t chicken out… He “throws his bum to the blackberry bush,” (Echar el poto para las moras).

13. Chileans don’t say that was quick… They say “it lasts less than a fart in a bucket,” (Pedo en un canasta).

14. Chileans don’t say something is knotted… They say “it’s as tangled as a snake fart,” (Más enrredado que pedo de culebra).

15. A Chilean isn’t thirsty… He is “drier than mummy spit,” (Más seco que escupo de momia).

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