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20 Interesting Expats to Follow on Twitter

by Matador Creators Jun 11, 2009
From Hong Kong to Puerto Rico to Brazil, these expats are twittering away about the thrills, practicalities and daily realities of life overseas.

Not a day goes by without an expert of some sort telling you who you must follow on Twitter. We even did it ourselves in 23 of the Most Relevant Travel Twitterers.

But we figured you must know at least as much as us, so we asked our Twitter followers which expats on Twitter they recommend.

The response was fantastic! Thanks to everyone who reached out with a suggestion: this article belongs to you.

So here’s a list – not the list – of 20 interesting expats to follow on Twitter.

1. Ladyexpat – South Korea

“A transplanted Canadian (Halifax Nova Scotia), working, traveling and taking photos in Asia.”

Mixture of tweets, mainly travel / expat focused. Some great photos.

2. Thandelike – Istanbul, Turkey

“Expat Harem cultural author/editor/producer/salonista, Berkeley expat. Spark Summit cofounder.”

A mine of information, especially on Turkey.

3. tokyotopia – Tokyo, Japan

“A self professed UK Tokyoite with a goal – Tokyo Made Simple.”

All things Japan.

4. ExpatCoachMegan – Rome, Italy

“Help expats and international development pros worldwide build personal brands w/ social media for career and biz success AND a better world ♥ travel, espresso.”

Very engaging twitterer; author of “career by choice” blog.

5. barmadu – Caceres, Spain

“TEFL hack by day, writer when I can, gardener, drinker, walker, cyclist, traveler, reader, twanger and many more –ers.”

Colourful snippets of life in Spain.

6. emmanuelle_a – Vancouver, BC

“French expat living in Canada, helping fellow wanderers enjoy their lives abroad to the fullest. Lover of visual arts, tea drinker, cat person and language geek.”

Very interactive twittterer, with lots of general expat advice.

7. MissExpatria – Montpellier, France / Rome, Italy

“The Internet’s leading enabler of travel addiction splits her time between Italy and France.”

Prolific twitterer and blogger.

8. MyMarrakesh – Marrakech, Morocco

“A girl building a boutique hotel in a Marrakech olive grove, while penning a book on Moroccan interior design for a US publisher.”

Exotic Morocco in 140 character chunks.

9. vickybaker – Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I’m a travel writer from London, living in Argentina. I specialise in South America and travel networking. Working for the Guardian, Time Out and others.”

Author of “Going local” blog, for “travellers looking to break off track”.

10. KyleHepp– Santiago, Chile

“Kick Ass Photographer in Chile :)”

Housewife and blogger … as well as kick ass photographer!

11. cburell – Seoul, South Korea

“Humanities/writing teacher. Education editor/writer. Radio newswriter/announcer. Apple Distinguished Educator. . Geek.”

Passionate advocate of educational reform.

12. expatsguide – Israel

“Over the past 12 years I’ve moved with my family between 5 houses across three continents. You could say I’m a veteran expat.”

Tweets great advice and links for expats.

13. lori1329 – Southern Brazil

“Writer, Nutritionist, wellness advocate, traveler, dog lover, US expat living in Brazil.”

Author of “Fake Food Free” nutrition and wellness blog.

14. michellefabio – Calabria, Italy

“American freelance writer & attorney in southern Italy. Proud doggie and kid (baby goat) mamma. Guide to Law School.”

Tweets about her life in Italy with a dog and a goat.

15. thewritingwell – The Netherlands

“A Brit living in the Netherlands, an expat writer, mother of a toddler, WAHM, amateur photographer.”

Mix of informative and personal tweets about the Netherlands.

16. coqui2008 – Puerto Rico

“Travel Blogger – Spreading the word about the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.”

Author of informative blog on Puerto Rico.

17. emilyinchile – Santiago, Chile

“20-something Californian Brit living in Santiago.”

A personal take on living in Santiago.

18. jeffcaylor – Hong Kong

“[singer-songwriter] When I dream of flying I try to imagine what I might learn from what birds dream.”

Life of a musician in Hong Kong.

19. pittkethley – Cartagena, Spain

“Author of 21 books.I live with my chess GM husband and son in Spain. My hobbies: snorkelling, minerals, karate, music, cycling, fishing, hill-walks, food, film, cats.”

Personable, family oriented tweets about life in Spain.

20. AmiExpat – Regensburg, Germany

“American, expatriate, half-Asian, statistician, wife, mom, and blogger, living it up in Germany.”

Food and photography.

We’re bound to have missed out some of your favourites, so please help this list to grow by leaving a comment below!

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