20 Moments You'll Experience in Argentina

Argentina Humor
by Katrine Damgaard & Jan Matheu Jun 18, 2013
1. When you decide to go for a walk on along Calle Florida on a Sunday

"It seemed like a good idea at the time"

(Pro tip: Calle Florida is the main shopping street in Buenos Aires and is insanely crowded on weekends.)

2. When you realize how many festivals are happening in Buenos Aires…all the time

Bopping with Disney characters

3. When you ride a colectivo for the first time

Home Alone kid shrieking with fright

(Pro tip: Colectivos are buses in Buenos Aires.)

4. How Porteños feel about Buenos Aires


(Pro tip: “Porteño” is the demonym for residents of the capital and its surroundings.)

5. When you get to dance tango with the teacher

O face

6. When you take a boat ride around Iguazu Falls

Cat with head under a water faucet

7. When you tell someone you aren’t going to eat a lot of meat in Argentina

Woman nods in sarcastic agreement

8. When you see the endless selection of awesome handmade stuff for sale at the San Telmo market


9. When someone asks if there are any cool places to go out in Palermo

Toddler at a loss for what to say

10. When you meet someone who says the don’t like dulce de leche

It's like you're begging me to hate you

11. When you visit Rosario and confirm that all the most beautiful women are there

Tarsier with wide eyes

12. When you’re asked if you like La Presidenta

I don't know how to answer that question

(Pro tip: The person who asks will either hate her or love her — there is absolutely nothing in between. Lesson: YOU JUST SHOULDN’T ANSWER.)

Harry Potter: No offense, but I don't really care

13. When you’re robbed by pickpockets in Buenos Aires

Time heals all wounds

14. When the store doesn’t accept a 100 peso bill because they don’t have change

Narrowing eyes

(Pro tip: 100 pesos is approximately US$12 and is the biggest bill in Argentina.)

15. When you’re in a hurry and run into an ongoing demonstration

A shout of frustration

(Pro tip: There are demonstrations every week!)

16. When you drink fernet with Coke

Toddler bubbling with excitement

17. When you discover the huge difference between the “official” and the “extraofficial” exchange rates


18. When you go wine tasting in Mendoza

Doctors say that a glass of wine a day can extend your life

19. When you’re planning your trip and see images of Salta and Jujuy

A little girl runs into the room shouting,

20. When you’re asked on a daily basis if you like Argentina

These are the best days of our lives

* All gifs via whenyouvisitargentina.tumblr.com

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