Hilarious Signs in Melbourne Metro Tell It Like It Is

Melbourne Humor
by Hal Amen Jul 7, 2012
Some funny mock public service announcements have been showing up in subway cars in Australia’s second-largest city.

Actual PSA

THE ACTUAL PSAs created Queensland Rail, another Australian train company, are pretty bland, with a “mind your manners…isn’t that nice?” tone that maneuvers into passive-aggressive territory.

Take the image at right:

    “Anna likes the aisle seat.
    So she stands to let
    people get past.

    How considerate.”

Almost inevitably, some folks have decided to have a little fun with the form. Matador reader Brad Evans snapped the photo above while riding in a Melbourne Metro car.

Here are a few more to be on the lookout for:

Good thinking Sam.

Good on you Jim.

On ya, Stevo.

Have you seen any of these in Melbourne? Tell us about them in the comments.

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