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You Know You've Become Culturally Brazilian When...

by Gaía Passarelli Oct 27, 2014

1. You can’t live without your daily dose of novelas. And you got over that nonsense about local soap operas being a valuable window for the country’s heart. They’re just fun as fuck.

2. You’ve developed a taste for ice cold beer. And you know exactly how many caipirinhas you can handle before passing out.

3. Every meal just gets better if a side dish of farofa is at the table.

4. Busts are nice, sure. But you’ve become a butt-oriented person (it goes for men and women alike).

5. You have no problem walking the streets in flip flops. Also, gym clothes and beachwear are now part of your style.

6. “I’m on my way” means you’ll spend some time on Facebook, have a shower, talk on the phone for a while…and then leave. Maybe.

7. 17º C? Time to get that winter coat out of the closet!

8. You were sad when Orkut went offline and you lost your collection of testimonials, communities, and crushes.

9. Most important time of the year? Carnival. But you know the joy of the month of June, when Festas Juninas take over the country with delicious food, lovely music, and dancing.

10. You can’t understand the fuss around Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda. After all, Brazilian kids grew up watching this on television.

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