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Mapped: Where Do People in Your State Want to Go the Most?

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by Matador Creators Sep 2, 2016

IT’S LABOR DAY. THE LAST LONG weekend of the summer. Which means its your last chance to get a good weekend trip in. But where to go?

Kayak, the travel booking site, went through their data and broke down the top trending destinations by state. The findings are interesting — interest in traveling to London has grown in the wake of Brexit, Cuba is getting a lot of buzz, and people are really getting into San Diego. Here’s a state-by-state breakdown.

State Destination % Growth in Searches
Alabama San Diego, CA 83%
Alaska Dallas, TX 16%
Arizona New Orleans, LA 141%
Arkansas Tampa, FL 54%
California Taipei, Taiwan 426%
Colorado Burlington, VT 139%
Connecticut Orlando, FL 123%
Washington, DC Havana, Cuba 152%
Delaware Denver, CO 156%
Florida Sao Paulo, Brazil 168%
Georgia Dublin, Ireland 440%
Hawaii New York, NY 122%
Idaho San Diego, CA 42%
Illinois Havana, Cuba 178%
Indiana Calgary, Alberta 206%
Iowa Austin, TX 81%
Kansas San Francisco, CA 77%
Kentucky Dallas, TX 143%
Louisiana Chicago, IL 247%
Maine London, UK 122%
Maryland Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 109%
Massachusetts Dublin, Ireland 184%
Michigan London, UK 129%
Minnesota Calgary, Alberta 151%
Mississippi Orlando, FL 191%
Missouri Toronto, Ontario 125%
Montana San Diego, CA 110%
Nebraska Milwaukee, WI 198%
Nevada Orlando, FL 100%
New Hampshire Dallas, TX 248%
New Jersey Seattle, WA 87%
New Mexico Montreal, Quebec 154%
New York Seoul, South Korea 184%
North Carolina Valparaiso, FL 143%
North Dakota Seattle, WA 43%
Ohio Key West, FL 159%
Oklahoma Pittsburgh, PA 122%
Oregon London, UK 132%
Pennsylvania Sao Paulo, Brazil 400%
Rhode Island Atlanta, GA 66%
South Carolina Nashville, TN 267%
South Dakota Orlando, FL 98%
Tennessee London, UK 109%
Texas Green Bay, WI 502%
Utah Phoenix, AZ 624%
Vermont San Diego, CA 52%
Virginia Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 141%
Washington Albuquerque, NM 155%
West Virginia Dallas, TX 157%
Wisconsin Spokane, WA 205%
Wyoming Orlando, FL 138%

You can read more about the map and about the methodology used in making it over at Kayak.

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