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Professional Internship Opportunities in Peru

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by Camden Luxford Sep 5, 2010
Camden Luxford highlights internship opportunities in Peru.

Voluntourism is an increasingly popular option in Peru, but finding a longer-term internship opportunity (especially without paying an arm and a leg) can be a little more difficult. Here are six organizations that need qualified and dedicated interns NOW.

1. SKIP – Supporting Kids in Peru – El Porvenir

SKIP is a UK charity operating near Trujillo, in the northern coastal region of Peru. While their primary emphasis is on supporting and consolidating the education of economically disadvantaged children, they believe education programs can have little effect without focusing on the family as a whole. As such, they provide a range of programs aimed at helping parents to establish a safe, happy and financially sound home environment, as well.

SKIP offer several Coordinator positions – while most are unpaid, you will be released from the usual contribution fee for volunteers, and receive free accommodation and valuable experience in a responsible position within an NGO. They ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months and are currently urgently seeking an English Teaching Coordinator with a minimum of two years in EFL/ESL teaching experience. They also have positions available for an Economic Development Coordinator (two years experience in finance), Primary Education Coordinator (this position comes with a small stipend) and Volunteer Coordinators.

2. One Laptop Per Child – Regional

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program seeks to place durable, low-cost laptops and educational software in the hands of the world’s poorest children, encouraging a more interactive learning experience and helping them to connect to the technology-driven world of today. Their intern program has been running since 2009 and aims to recruit energetic, socially aware and innovative interns with a passion for education and/or technology.

Interns work within regional schools to help teachers with use of the laptops. Before beginning their internship, they have a week’s training with the Ministry of Education and OLPC, and will receive a small stipend for living expenses, but must pay own travel to Peru. Conversational Spanish is a necessity.

3. South American Explorers – Cusco and Lima

South American Explorers seek to promote tourism within the region that fosters cross-cultural understanding, thereby contributing in a positive fashion to community development. They are an excellent source of information on volunteer and intern opportunities across the country, and also actively seek interns themselves.

Right now, they need someone for a social marketing internship, and writing interns for their guide to volunteering in Peru. See the volunteer and work section of their website for email addresses to apply.

4. Embassy of the US – Lima, Arequipa, Lambayeque

The US embassy offers programs for American graduate students of museum studies and art conversation, aiming to foster professional development and international relationships among the students while supporting Peruvian museums which house a wealth of rich and valuable art. While this year’s programs are now underway, next year will offer another opportunity for field research in Lima, Arequipa and Lambayeque.

5. Geovisions – Lima

Geovisions are offering 3-10 month placements between March and December, with a stipend of US$300 / month plus free accommodation. This monthly stipend will heavily subsidise life in Lima. The internship will consist of interviewing Peruvian college students who are coming to the US on a J-1 Work and Travel visa, and may also include some travel around the country. Preferred candidates are between 25 and 30 years old, with a minimum two years of college and US citizenship – although there may also be openings for Canadian, Irish, UK, Australian or New Zealand citizens.

6. CREES Foundation CREES Foundation – Manu Biosphere

I was devastated to see that current applications for the Rainforest Journalist position in Manu National Park are now closed. Nevertheless, you will shortly have the chance to intern for this NGO, which works in sustainable development and tourism in the Manu area, with a forthcoming position in their Cusco office. Keep an eye on their website for more details.

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