What It’s Like When an American Visits Australia for the First Time

Australia Humor
by Ronnie Charrier Aug 19, 2013
When you hear people talk in Sydney

You sound like you're from London

When you hear people talk anywhere else in Australia

English, motherfucker, do you speak it?

When you find out you don’t have to tip or pay tax on meals

Oh yeah

But then you order your first drink in Sydney and find out it’s $22

Man pulls off sunglasses

But then you find out most restaurants let you bring your own alcohol

Man slaps own face

When you try to understand the rules of cricket

Man looks perplexed, disappointed, overwhelmed, and depressed

What you end up realizing about cricket

The important thing is to be drunk

And eventually how you watch cricket

I don't know what we're yelling about

When you try to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Woman looks up at ceiling while doing some mental math

When someone tells you how good vegemite is

cough, bullshit

When you have your first Tooheys beer

man sips drink and gets grossed out

When you hear a girl say she can’t find her thong

Captain Picard makes goofy face

If you suggest Heath Ledger wasn’t that great of an actor

Person leaps over lunchroom table and punches someone

When you get asked if everyone in the US owns a gun

Michelle Tanner rolls her eyes and says DUH!

When you get called a c**t and no one gets offended

Gaping guy considers something with disbelief

How you start greeting people after the first week

A toy embraces another toy and touches its face

When you successfully drive on the left side of the road

Applaud me!

The first time you see a 5-inch spider

Home Alone kid screams and runs away

Every time after that

Animated dude spins revolver chambers: I guess this is the night bitches die

And on the flight back home

You know what? America is awesome

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