Your Travel Experience in 36 Gifs

by Jordan Blackman Nov 5, 2013
1. How your friends think you made the decision to leave the cushy corporate world…

A man sits at a desk and nods confidently

2. How you really made the decision…

A close-up face screaming with terror

3. Actually, this was your first idea…

A cat sits at a table and contemplates getting a boat

4, 5, 6, 7. Telling your friends & family that you’ve decided to quit your job and go traveling around the world…
Screaming man

Mom’s reaction

Anderson Cooper gives skeptical look

Dad’s reaction

A person smoking and staring blankly

Romantic interest’s reaction

A guy clapping

Crazy uncle’s reaction

8. Quitting day. Okay, this is scary!

Person jumping off cliff

9. During your last two weeks once you’ve already quit, time seems to move so slowly…

Person typing haphazardly

10. And then, finally, your last day at the office!

Obama kicks door open while exiting stage

11. Trying to get your god-damned travel visas in order…

Bruce Willis in air duct with lighter

12. Finally achieving your travel budget savings goal!

A kid dancing

13. Time for you to leave the country!

Cat jumping in beanbag chair

14. How it feels when you’re spending a new foreign currency….

Person throwing money around

15. How people expect Americans to act abroad…

Person firing a gun

16. How Americans really act abroad…

Obnoxious white dude grabs crotch in center of frame

17. Your expectation of how your trip will change your life.

A change in perspective makes elk an awesome rainbow beast

18. After you’ve enjoyed that wonderful and authentic local street food for the first time!

Trainspotting dude happy to be on toilet

19. How you feel about your passport…

Little kid hugging a piece of paper

20. How you envisioned on-the-road romance…

Couple kissing in a cinematic way

21. The reality of travel romance…

Kids dressed up like bride and groom

22. Walking into the hostel dorm and realizing you have it all to yourself!

Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds

23. Your first sip of the local brew…

Fredrik Eklund with gross drink

24. Drinking the same thing three weeks later…

Samuel L. Jackson sips through straw contentedly

25. How having the freedom to travel anywhere in the world feels…

Cookie monster gazes upon giant cookie plate

26. What you wish you could tell that street food vendor in Bangkok!

I sat at home along with diarrhea for three weeks because of you

27. Having that same conversation about where you’re from and how long you’ve been traveling, FOR THE BILLIONTH FUCKING TIME!

Christian Bale and Kermit the Frog in an interview

28. Meeting another backpacker who is eerily similar to you…

Andy Samberg impersonates Nicholas Cage with Cage

29. What you want to see when you enter your hostel dorm…

Ah, sexism.

30. What you see instead…

Robert de Niro drinking beer

31. How you act when you don’t speak the local language…

Guys saying "Huh?"

32. How you FEEL when you don’t speak the local language…

Making demands

33. Choosing the bungalow without AC to save money…

Golden Girl Blanche sprays herself with water

34. Getting settled when you arrive in a new country…

We have to get drunk immediately

35. How you feel when you leave your camera on public transportation…

Rick gets drunk in Casablanca

36. When your friends ask when you’re planning to come home…

Real housewife of New Jersey talking about bleaching asshole

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