Daniel C. Britt

Daniel C. Britt spent most of 2009 living hand-to-mouth on the ground in Iraq during the U.S. withdrawal from cities. In 2010 his travels took him on an overland zigzag from Baghdad, through Iran to Bagram, Afghanistan. He has chronicled the experience in a series of vignettes, photographs and a short documentary film scheduled for independent release in 2013.

How to get laid in Wells, Nevada

Scenes from the real Mazar-e-Sheriff [PICS]

Getting way too close to mating elephant seals [PICS]

Day of the Dead walk in Tucson [PICS]

Vulture downs Russian paraglider [VID]

The Kabul you don’t see in the news

Scenes from the real Afghanistan

Scenes from the real Iraq [PICS]

Notes Going Overland from Iraq through Iran into Afghanistan

Dispatches From One Tuesday In Iraq

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