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10 Reasons I Had to Escape, STAT

by Christine DeSadeleer Sep 2, 2010
I need to get out, and I need to get out now.

By the time you read this, I’ll be (fingers crossed) fully entrenched in Burning Man bliss, hanging out with the likes of Matador Editors Leigh Shulman, Ian MacKenzie, and Ross Borden, along with some of my favorite San Francisco peeps.

I will be without my computer for a whole entire two weeks for the first time since 2007. And then it was only a week. Jesus, that’s sad.

But as I’m sure many of you travel bloggers can relate, it’s hard to take vacations from the computer. The same trips people take to get away from their desk are the ones where you take your desk with you. What pays the bills for those trips is your writing, that in the fast-paced world of the interwebz, MUST BE DAILY.

At moments I think, have I just traded in one chain for another? Am I spouting to others that they should balance mind, body, and spirit while I spend 10 hours a day typing a way? What the hell is going on here?

No one else is gonna say, “Don’t bring that beautiful and oh-so-tempting MacBook with its pearly-white keys and come-hither apple logo with you on vacation.”

Then I realize that I must be better about putting my own foot down – for myself – because no one else is gonna say, “Don’t bring that beautiful and oh-so-tempting MacBook with its pearly-white keys and come-hither apple logo with you on vacation.” Although I do hear some people calling Facebook the devil, I rarely see them close their account (or if they do, they come back after a month or two). And Twitter…oh god, I still don’t get it.

Point is, I need a break. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed – and under-motivated – for weeks now. Hence the big last minute decision to go to Burning Man.

Without further dribble, here are the ten reasons I had to escape, STAT:

1. My iPhone got stolen, my computer went down, and my house’s internet didn’t work for four weeks. Signs from above (or below), anyone?

2. I’m not sure I know what the hell everyone is talking about when they say it’s been a horrendously hot summer. That’s because the inside of four walls has seen me much more than the outside. I expect Burning Man to make up for this disconnect. Just a hunch.

3. I curse any email that dares to find its way into my inbox(es). That’s a LOT of cursing every single day.

4. I know more about my friends lives through email, Facebook, and their blogs than I do talking to them in person. NOT ok, no matter how much I defend it to myself.

5. Everyday, I promise I will go to yoga class, for a walk, or make it to dance, and with the exception of dance, I often fail. This is because I have “so much work to do” and can’t pry my grubby little hands off the computer for two friggin’ hours. NOT acceptable. Am over it.

6. My ability to meditate has quickly waned. It is a skill that has to be practiced. Sure it helps to calm the mind, but the less you do it, the more it takes to calm those annoying loud thoughts. And therefore I give up quicker, sighing that tomorrow will be better. Am instituting 30 minutes a day of meditation for the next couple of weeks.

7. I have not been on a date in a couple of months. Ok, that’s not that strange for me. But I thought it was worth throwing in.

8. My inspiration consists of credit card and student loan demons banging down my door and breaking the windows to get the first whack at my blood. Uh…no.

9. Even though my breakup was at the beginning of the summer, everyone else I know has had relationship-meltdown this summer. I can only lend a helpful ear but for so long. I’m now pathetically just nodding my head, even when I’m on the phone. READ: not helpful.

10. All I want to do is find a sugga daddy (or momma) and lounge on the porch, drinking bottles of two buck Chuck and yelling at the dogs to “shuddup already!” all day. Um, this has never been my dream, and I’m kinda scared it came out of my typing fingers.


Share your reasons for needing an escape in the comments below.

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