1. What you expect when you want to learn a new language.

2. The feeling you get when you actually start learning a new language.

3. When you try to use the new language for the first time.

4. When you want to use the language but can’t get a single word out.

5. When someone corrects your pronunciation.

6. The first time you make a full sentence in your new language.

7. When you manage to successfully run errands or have a conversation.

8. When locals you want to talk to switch to English.

9. When you confuse similar words like poison and poisson.

10. When you realize that you can hold a proper conversation without realizing it.

11. When people compliment you on your knowledge of the language.

12. When you hear a native make a mistake.

13. When you explain the meaning of gezellig to other people.

14. But they really don’t get it.

15. When you go abroad and are afraid people will attack you with French.