How To Embrace The Joys Of Human Experience

by Michael Levy Apr 11, 2008
Balancing our scales is the surest way to get the correct perspective on life.

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When I was a little boy one of my treats was to go to the local candy store and get my penny bag of candy.

I looked around at all the fabulous glass jars on the shelves and the aroma of all the flavors sent me on a trip of delights.

I then had to choose which jar of candy I would like. Tough decision for a six year old with only one penny to spend (well, it was over fifty years ago).

Once I pointed to the jar that was making my mouth water, the old man would take the jar off the shelf, unscrew the lid and carefully weigh out a few ounces of candy on the little scales.

A four-ounce weight went on one side and the candy was poured on the other. I thought him to be a mean old man, for not one fraction of an ounce was given away. The scales had to balance exactly on the mark.

Finding The Balance

The amount of candy I bought for one penny was just the correct amount to last me through the week. I would eat a few pieces each day and at the end of the week it was time for my allowance of one penny again.

There were a few occasions when I was given more money by an uncle or aunt and I would buy a huge bag of candy and stuff them down all at once.

Rolling round the room with stomach ache and a few bouts of being sick soon cured that. I realized very early that you can have too much of a good thing.

If the old man in the candy store would have tipped the scales and given me more candy I believe I may have been sick more often. I realize now he was being kind to me by balancing the scales and not giving me more than my allotted share.

It is a shame greed has become so fashionable these days.

Gaining A Perspective

Our candy shop is the world we live in. We are born into a magical globe called earth, full of beauty and bliss.

Balance in all things is the correct way to live. So how do we balance our scales to get the correct perspective of life?

Allowing time-out to sit in silence, so that our mind can relax from all the pressures that modern living brings, will help us find inner peace. Every human being can locate a source of information and wisdom that has shaped the authentic side of humanity over millions of years.

If our thoughts and actions do not bring true joy, without any materialistic attachments, then they may not contain too much genuine meaning.

To obtain the sweetness life has to offer we cannot afford to unbalance our scales (mind) or we will become frustrated and angry. We must weigh up each situation that comes into our lives and balance our thinking, so we understand what feels good and what doesn’t.

Our candy shop is the world we live in. We are born into a magical globe called earth, full of beauty and bliss.

Intoxication Of Life

We are intoxicated with the aromas and visions of all the candies of nature. We only need our fair measure of wealth, brought to us by the fruits of our labor.

Too much will make us sick. If we think we have too little, we will think life is mean and build jealousy and hatreds.

Balancing the scales of thought to embrace the joys of a human experience is taught through the guidance of inner wisdom that encompasses the human spirit. It allows all humans to live as equals with no divisions from personal view-points, color, creed, religion or any (non) belief systems.

As we learn to embrace the gift of being alive on earth’s wondrous playground, our love and joy will spread out to reach everyone we meet and greet. The non-tangible delights and invisible treasures of a human life will last us until the day we leave for the next journey somewhere beyond the beyond.

We only have a small allowance of time on earth…We should spend it wisely in peace and harmony.

What are your thoughts on balance? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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