A Lost 400-Year-Old Church Just Rose Out of Waters of a Mexican Reservoir

by Matt Hershberger Oct 20, 2015

THE NEZAHUALCOYOTL RESERVOIR WAS CREATED in the 1960s, when a dam was built along the Grijalva River. The resulting reservoir, in the Mexican state of Chiapas, submerged a 400-year-old colonial church known as the Temple of Quechula. But this year, a drought in the state caused the level of the water in the reservoir to drop nearly 82 feet, allowing the Temple to be exposed for only the second time in nearly 50 years.

David Von Blohn, a photographer for the Associated Press, made it out to the church, and managed to capture these stunning images.

La iglesia de Quechula (Chiapas) vuelve a surgir de las aguas. +info en la web.

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