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Pray for Japan: New Film Reminds Us It Ain't Over

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by Carlo Alcos Jul 13, 2011
A documentary-in-the-works pays tribute to the victims and volunteers in Tohoku. There is still a lot of work to be done.

IT’S EASY to forget when the media turns its eyes elsewhere, which happens quickly. It’s easy to forget when the next disaster comes along, which seems to occur more frequently these days. It’s easy. But it shouldn’t be.

A fellow blogger, Seiko, in a writing group I’m part of brought my attention to a Kickstarter project called Pray for Japan. She was there the day after the earthquake, and her family had to evacuate.

Filmmaker, Stu Levy, wants to keep attention on the ongoing process of cleanup, rebuilding, and restoring the livelihoods of those who lost theirs in the Japan earthquake and tsunami this past March.

He wants to let the survivors and those who are helping know that “we admire and respect them, we encourage them to continue the good fight — at a time when even the strongest warriors would grow weary.”

From the campaign page:

There are still 90,000 people living in shelters, 650,000 people are estimated to have lost their livelihoods, and entire villages and neighborhoods have been destroyed. There is still tremendous work to be done!

Watch the trailer:

The Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $20,000. The pledge minimum is $1…every little bit helps. Visit the campaign page to read more about the project and how the funds will be used.

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